When considering eco topics in relation to the workplace, energy efficiency usually comes to mind before water conservation.  However, experts agree water conservation is equally if not more important.  Here is startling statistic on water:

“Less than 1% of the world’s fresh water or about 0.007% of the entire world’s water supply is available for human use (that’s approximately one teaspoon of water out of a full bath tub).”

It is crucial that industries and public institutions get serious on water conservation.  Water is used in schools, commercial buildings, recreational facilities, and many other workplaces in watering gardens, in the manufacturing process, in the cleaning of floors and equipment, in the cooling of buildings, and of course, in toilets and wash rooms. Of all the water used in major cities, those industries and institutions account for 25% of the use.  So if businesses banded together, there could be a significant difference made in water quality and conservation.

Here are some ideas for small and medium sized businesses could start conserving water:

  • Turn of unnecessary flows to equipment and machinery
  • Switch to low-flow automatic faucets within the facility
  • Install low-flow toilets in each restroom
  • Limit or reduce the watering of lawns or consider xeriscaping
  • Use non-potable water to water flowers and plants
  • Use non-toxic and biodegradable cleaners and solvents
  • Offer filtered water to employees and costumers instead of purchasing bottled water
  • Make your staff aware and involved in the conservation efforts

None of these things may seem like they would have a big effect on the conservation effort.  But if enforced and sustained, these changes, over time will make a difference. If you would like more ideas on saving water or have any questions about water conservation, please feel free to contact us.

Water Conservation is Important in the Workplace