This newly released book, A Simple Path to Sustainability,  was built around case histories showcasing 12 Colorado small to medium sized organizations that have outstanding records of sustainability. The book was designed specifically to help smaller enterprises gain knowledge on best practices as well as inspire owners and management to undertake sustainable strategies. K.J. McCorry, owner of eco-officiency and sustainability consultant is a contributing author of one of these chapters on New Belgium Brewery.

The case studies collected detail on each company’s journey from initial sustainability idea through building a comprehensive plan, establishing a new company culture, engaging stakeholders and planning for the future. Each chapter also provides the challenges encountered along with lessons learned. Here are a few of the companies that are discussed in the book; Eco-Products, Boulder Community Hospital, Boulder Outlook Hotel, Boulder Valley Credit Union, First Affirmative Financial Network and Guaranteed Recycling Xperts.

The book is now available for purchase from e-retailers such as and

A Simple Path to Sustainability: Green Business Strategies for Small and Medium Sized Businesses (ISBN: 0-3133-8269-7). Edited by Fred Andreas, Elizabeth Cooperman, Blair Gifford and Graham Russell.

A Simple Path to Sustainability, K.J. McCorry Contributing Author