It’s hard to remember to be a conscious consumer each time you go to the store, restaurant or mall. Here are some reference tools to help you make mindful choices when making purchases.

The 10 key questions to say “yes” to before purchasing a product:
  1. Is this product needed?
  2. Is this product non-toxic and safe to use?
  3. Is the product practical, durable, well made, and of good quality?
  4. Is the product made from renewable, recycled or post-consumer materials?
  5. Does the manufacturer practice sound sustainable manufacturing and fair trade practices?
  6. After the products useful life can it be recycled, composted, re-used or donated?
  7. Is the packaging recyclable or biodegradable?
  8. Is there a low carbon and energy use from transporting the product?
  9. Will it be easy to maintain by being low maintenance, cost, time and energy?
  10. Can the product be purchased used, borrowed or rented instead of purchased new?

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