Getting Your Employees Inspired with Sustainability Training and Presentations

employeesLet’s face it: your employees are probably not very concerned about the impact of your business’s sustainability efforts on your business bottom line. They are concerned that you are able to give them their paychecks on time, but getting them to buy into the connections between that paycheck and green efforts in the workplace is a tougher sell. Nor do you have staff with the time or expertise to sell this concept to your employees.

This is where our sustainability training and presentations can help. We have a number of training presentations available, all of which can be tailored to fit the needs of your particular company, and employee needs and concerns. For companies just beginning to make this a focus, we have an Introduction to Sustainability segment which helps employees connect their work with corporate sustainability concepts such as Natural Capitalism and the Triple Bottom Line. We will share stories of local companies that have done similar work to help them understand that this is not a fad, but an important component to all business cultures. We conclude these presentations with suggestions and resources for getting started. We also have a presentation on becoming a paperless office, which helps to orient employees toward the one thing that just about everyone in your office probably suffers from—too much paper!

Once you have at least some employees on the sustainability band wagon, we have trainings which focus on creating a sustainability plan and greening your business one step at a time. These presentations can encourage employees who are feeling overwhelmed or under educated, helping them see that working green is possible. We also have presentations which will help connect sustainability in the office with thinking green in your employees’ personal lives. These presentations help employees make the connections between green practices and cash flow both at the office (for paychecks and such) and at home.

Finally, once your employees are truly on board with sustainability, we can help introduce the concept of getting to zero waste. These days this is not an impossible concept to achieve, and we can help you and your employees see why. So contact us today and let’s begin educating your employees on the need to think sustainably!

LEAD International: A Training Program for Leaders

LEAD International is a non-profit organization based in Europe whose mission is to inspire leaders for a sustainable world.  

LEAD was originally funded in the early 1990’s by the Rockefeller Foundation to help develop and foster executives, government officials, academics, NGO directors, activists and other professionals to focus on sustainable development activities in their businesses and communities.

The organization and its programs are largely unknown in the U.S. partially because a U.S. chapter was never formed. However, there are over 12 chapters worldwide, including Mexico and Canada in North America.

Their flagship program, the Fellows Training, is an excellent 12-18 month program that is an interactive training for mid-career professionals, who are working in sustainability and/or would like to do more in sustainability. Each chapter has two week long trainings in their host county. Then the third session all of the chapters meet in one location to discuss more global and international sustainability issues.

This is an excellent organization and training program for those American leaders who would like to learn more outside our borders.