Sustainability Assessments

Sustainability assessments
for small and medium sized organizations

Assessments provide key information for developing sustainability plans and determining initiatives.

Sustainability Assessments

Assessments provide information on the current status of sustainability within an organization. They provide key information to develop sustainability plans and determining initiatives.  We provide non-technical sustainability assessments for small and medium sized organizations which identify key areas of focus and opportunity for organizations to begin their sustainability initiatives. The assessment process includes data gathering along with employee surveys and interviews within each area of your business. 

The following areas are assessed depending on the size and type of the organization:  

Assessment interviews entail a series of questions with each area to provide current understanding of business processes as it relates to sustainability. It also provides a framework to engage staff on possible options, solutions, and ideas that could be implemented in their department to create a more sustainable solution. A final report is developed to consolidate all the organization’s current sustainability accomplishments as well as highlight suggested actions and initiatives to be implemented. 

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