Sustainability Strategy & Planning

Sustainability doesn’t just happen
it takes planning

Strategy planning will help your organization make intentional progress with sustainability initiatives

Sustainability Planning Process

The following process is how we guide organizations through development of a sound sustainability plan. Each process builds on the previous, but can be a stand-alone too, depending on the company’s needs. 

Vision & Purpose 

We guide an organization through the process of describing the ideal state of sustainability the organization wants to achieve or become in the future. We aim to provide clarity behind the purpose of the initiatives so that employees and stakeholders can support it.  

Sustainability Goals and Objectives 

During this process sustainability objectives and goals are developed that support the vision and purpose statement. The participants will identify key objectives and goals for each primary sustainability area and develop a one-to-three-year plan.  

Initiatives and Metrics

Once the objectives and goals have been determined, participants will brainstorm various ways those initiatives could be implemented. Each idea will be compared based on a variety of factors, such as, how easy the initiative is to implement, how much it will cost, how much impact it will have, etc.  Initiatives will be prioritized based on this factor rating. For example, if high impact, high improved efficiency, and low degree of difficulty are important to your organization, this process will help identify those initiatives that best meet those criteria. Once initiatives have been determined, participants will be guided through a process of determining how they are to be measured and resources required. 


Sustainability Project Plan and Timeline

During this process, participants will develop a sustainability project plan and associated timeline. The project plan will focus on the first-year initiatives and determine sub-tasks, who will be involved, data being tracked and projected start and completion dates.  A cost-benefit analysis will also be developed with the first year initiatives so an organization can clearly see expected cost and savings. 

Change Management Strategy 

Although sustainability initiatives improve an organization and benefit the community and environment, the change involved can be stressful to employees and staff. It is important for organizations to understand the complexity of change and how manage it successfully. This process will guide participants to develop a change management strategy and plan to ensure the sustainability plan will be successful.

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