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Sustainability Training Topics

All trainings listed can be can be customized based on organization’s sustainability initiatives. 

Develop A Sustainability Strategy

This training will teach the fundamentals of developing a sustainability strategy and plan. Participants will learn various approaches to crafting a purpose and vision statement for sustainability and determining appropriate goals and initiatives. They will also gain insight on how to choose initiatives based on various factors and criteria to ensure the success of a sustainability plan. To build the business case for sustainability, participants will learn which aspects to track and monitor and how to develop a basic cost benefit analysis.

Learning Objectives:  

– Understand the basics to conducting a sustainability assessment

– Learn how to develop a sustainability purpose and vision statement for an organization

– Learn skills to facilitate a team to build sustainability objectives, goals and initiatives

– Gain insight to assess initiatives and determine an implementation strategy

– Gain understanding of how to track and measure sustainability initiatives

– Learn how to develop a cost-benefit analysis and business case for sustainability initiatives

– Learn strategies to engage, motivate and inform employees about sustainability

– Understand the basics of change management and behavior modification

– Learn key resources and materials that provide additional information on developing sustainability strategies and plans

Increase Employee Engagement With Sustainability

Businesses often overlook one simple fact concerning implementation of sustainability initiatives—it is vital to get your employees engaged. It is important for organizations to consider all aspects of organizational change strategies including: informing, engaging, motivating and incentivizing.  In this training, participants will learn the fundamentals of change management and behavior modification. Participants will also learn effective communication strategies and incentives that will increase engagement and participation. Company examples, best practices and research surrounding employee engagement in sustainability will also be reviewed.  


Learning Objectives:  

– Understand the research on why it is necessary and vital to engage employees in sustainability initiatives  

– Understand the concept of change and transition and its application to new sustainability strategies 

– Learn strategies on gaining commitment and accountability from staff 

– Understand basic theories on behavior modification 

– Learn best practices around sustainability motivated awards and incentives  

– Gain ideas on volunteering with non-profits to increase understanding of social and environmental issues  

– Learn best practices for effective sustainability communications 

– Gain tips on training and educating staff on sustainability  

– Learn about best practices, trends and company examples to engage employees in sustainability  

Getting To Zero Waste

Getting to zero-waste is an aggressive goal for most individuals, companies and communities. The recent statistics on our U.S. landfills show that over 50 percent of our current waste is recyclable materials. Another 25 percent is food and yard waste.  Moving towards zero-waste may not be as difficult as it sounds.  


In this training, we will educate participants on strategies to reduce waste in the organization. We will review the challenges of waste management and ways to increase recycling and decrease landfill waste. We will provide specific resources of what materials can be recycled or composted and cite regional resources that provide recycling services. 


Learning Objectives:  

– Understand the current issues and challenges with waste in landfills 

– Learn the ‘zero waste’ concept for businesses 

– Review the benefits and challenges of recycling 

– Gain insight on various materials that can be recycled and the meaning of the plastic resin codes 

– Learn key ways to make recycling and waste management easier within organizations 

– Understand composting basics and set up considerations within an office environment 

– Learn about local resources to recycle and compost business waste 

Conscious Consumerism

The purchasing power of consumers is what guides new products and services. Participants will learn how their purchasing choices can impact companies to be more social and environmentally conscious. The training will cover the 10 key questions to ask before they buy a product and understand the meaning of the popular sustainable and green product labels and certifications.  


Learning Objectives:  

– Understand the connection between consumer purchasing and how it affects business decisions relating to sustainability 

– Learn the 10 key questions to ask before purchasing a product or service 

– Understand the meaning of 1st , 2nd and 3rd party certifications 

– Review the top green certification and labels most commonly used on consumer products 

– Learn about resources to help find sustainable products and services 

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