LED Parking GarageThe addition of LED Lights in a parking garage, lots and other areas has led to cost savings and energy efficiency for many businesses. This is due to the retrofitting of the existing lighting for these areas with LED fixtures.

Businesses will benefit from improved security, reduced maintenance costs and the conservation of energy. New LED lighting fixtures provide ten years plus of life before they need to be replaced. This is a great way for any business to reduce their carbon footprint, lower energy costs and help the environment.

Many parking spaces will need to be retrofitted to install a LED lighting system. The main benefit of using LED lights is that they are cheaper to operate than a high-pressure sodium fixture. Another benefit is the reduction for any maintenance that is needed. This includes the cost to replace a fixture that has failed or stopped working.

Another benefit is LED lighting provides even lighting that can illuminate a parking lot or any parking space more evenly than other lighting solutions. Adequate lighting is important for any outside area and even inside a building.

LED lighting can use motion detectors to turn from low to high to light up any area. Motion can be detected up to 50 feet away. A business that is looking to save money on their maintenance and lighting costs will need to consider adding LED lighting to their parking garages or outside lots.

If you have any questions about the use or LED lighting for your business, then contact us for more information.

Businesses Can Obtain Energy Efficiency With LED Lighting