Bottled water is creating a mess…literally. Eight of 10 water bottles become landfill waste.  We think we are drinking ‘pure’ water but all the studies are showing it may not be any healthier for you than regular ole’ tap water.  With over 90% of the cost of water in the bottle, lid and label are we paying for great water or a great bottle? And if we are paying for a bottle, is it worth it? It takes over 1.5 million barrels of oil to manufacture a years supply of bottled water. That is enough oil to fuel 100,00 cars.

So instead of buying bottled water consider these two options:

  1. Purchase a water filter in your home or office
  2. Purchase a reusable water bottle like Kleen Kanteen and SIGG

Do you have other ideas to minimize water bottle use?

Think Before You Buy that Water Bottle