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Developing a Sustainability Strategy and Plan Training

Having a sustainability strategy is essential to any organization that wants to integrate sustainability into their organization. According to a 2010 KPMG study, almost 55 percent of U.S. companies and 62 percent of companies worldwide have a formal sustainability strategy. Organizations who have taken the time to develop and implement sustainability strategies have found improved efficiency in processes, increased profitability through attraction of new customers and cost savings and enhanced brand reputation.

This training will teach the fundamentals of developing a sustainability strategy and plan. Participants will learn various approaches to crafting a purpose and vision statement for sustainability and determining appropriate goals and initiatives. They will also gain insight on how to choose initiatives based on various factors and criteria to ensure the success of a sustainability plan. In order to build the business case for sustainability, participants will learn which aspects to track and monitor and how to develop a basic cost-benefit analysis. Fundamental change management and behavior modification strategies will also be presented in order to support the implementation process within the organization.

Learning Objectives:

Understand the basics to conducting a sustainability assessment

Learn how to develop a sustainability purpose and vision statement for an organization

Learn skills to facilitate a team to build sustainability objectives, goals and initiatives

Gain insight to assess initiatives and determine an implementation strategy

Gain understanding of how to track and measure sustainability initiatives

Learn how to develop a cost-benefit analysis and business case for sustainability initiatives

Learn strategies to engage, motivate and inform employees about sustainability

Understand the basics of change management and behavior modification

Learn key resources and materials that provide additional information on developing sustainability strategies and plans

Seminar Length: 8 hours
Max Class Size: 30 participants
Materials: 80 page workbook provided
Seminar Location: On-site at company


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