Small Steps. Big Impact.

Sustainable Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Training

Organizations can have a big sustainability impact through their supply chain by developing green standards and criteria for suppliers. Over 50 percent of organizations carbon emissions are directly related to supply chain. Through supporting organizations that promote and develop sustainable products and services, it fosters more vendor options and competitive pricing.

In this training, participants will learn the fundamentals to sustainable purchasing and sustainable supply chain management. Participants will learn the key considerations when evaluating vendors and how to develop sustainable sourcing guidelines and practices. They will understand the various sustainability claims, eco-labels and certifications available to product and service companies. By the end of the training they will have a clear understanding of how to make more sustainable choices on product and service purchases.

Learning Objectives:

Learn the definition of sustainable purchasing

Understand supply chain life cycle and the applicability to sustainability

Learn the business case for sustainable purchasing

Learn the key considerations when evaluating vendors on sustainability

Understand the meaning of 1st, 2nd and 3rd party certifications

Learn the four components of all certification systems

Review the top 'green' certification and labels and understand their standards

Gain strategies and best practices on developing sustainable purchasing guidelines

Learn about other organizations' sustainable supply chain guidelines as examples

Learn about best practices, trends and company examples in sustainable purchasing and supply chain management

Learn about resources to help find sustainable products and services

Seminar Length: 4-8 hours
Max Class Size: 30 participants
Materials: 30 page workbook provided
Seminar Location: On-site at company

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