Small Steps. Big Impact.

The First Steps in Greening Your Business Training

With the growing trend toward eco-consciousness and environmental awareness in business, this training provides information on the first steps to start sustainability within a small to medium sized business. Learn easy, simple and no-cost strategies to waste management, reduction of paper, sustainable purchasing and energy and water conservation. How to effectively engage management and staff around the sustainability initiatives will be reviewed. Participants will get a general understanding of how to begin implementing sustainability within their organization immediately.

Learning Objectives:

Understand the basic definition of sustainability

Learn how to conduct a simple 'green' assessment in your company

Learn the basic steps to develop a sustainable plan for your business

Learn simple, easy and no-cost strategies to start sustainability in the areas of energy, paper, purchasing, waste and communications.

Gain ideas on how to get your staff engaged with the sustainability initiatives

Gain tips and strategies in forming 'green teams' or committees to help implement sustainability initiatives

Learn about additional business resources to support sustainability within an organization

Seminar Length: 4-8 hours
Max Class Size: 30 participants
Materials: 50 page workbook provided
Seminar Location: On-site at company

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