Small Steps. Big Impact.

Energy and Water Conservation Training

Conserving energy and water is a top priority for national and local governments. In this training, participants will learn why resource conservation is so important. Participants will also gain insight how limited energy and water resources affect not only our communities but our businesses. They will be provided beforehand online calculators to understand their current energy and water use before the training.

During the training, learners will learn specific steps they can take in the home and office to conserve energy and water. Participants will be asked to make their own personal commitments to reducing energy and water.

Learning Objectives:

Understand the current issues and challenges of energy and water resources

Learn how limited energy and water resources will affect communities and business

Gain insight into personal use of energy and water at home

Learn key strategies to reduce water and energy use at home and work

Make personal commitments on energy and water use conservation

Seminar Length: 1-2 hours
Max Class Size: 30 participants
Materials: 20 page workbook provided
Seminar Location: On-site at company

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