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Green Teams

Green Teams

Green Teams are formal committees of selected staff within an organization who have an interest in sustainability and the environment and want to help their company move forward with further initiatives. Employees understand the company and its operations well and embedding ‘green teams’ can be one of the best sources of innovation to increase efficiency and reduce waste within a business.

Further, these ‘green team’s can be catalysts within the organization to build momentum and entice employee engagement of the sustainability initiatives within the organization.

Green Teams can be formed naturally within a company or appointed by senior level management. Green Team members can be executives, mid-level managers or employees interested in the topic of sustainability and environmental initiatives. The key to success for any ‘green team’ is upper level management support.

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Green Teams can face some challenges if not properly supported. Each Green Team member already has current job responsibilities and may not have specialized expertise in sustainability topics and issues. Eco-officiency can help assist and guide Green Teams. By providing facilitation of meetings, assisting with implementation of initiatives, providing counsel, offering research and resources on various topical areas of sustainability, eco-officiency can ensure your ‘green team’ is a success within the company.

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