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Recycling and Donation Resources

The following nationwide resources are provided to assist companies and families to recycle and donate unwanted goods. Over 99% of the things we purchase becomes trash within 6 months!

Choose the category of item (at left) to find specific resources. Please contact the organization directly for more detailed information. If you don't see your category item mentioned, try National Recycling Resources for a listing of general recycling organizations that can offer more information.

Thank you for diverting your trash from landfills!

If you'd like to be listed as a resource, please review our criteria for submission.

Categories of Recycling


1-800-GOT JUNK?
Will pick up old furniture, appliances, yard waste, electronics and construction debris. Recycles items that can be recycled.

Appliance Help
This site offers specific resources to recycle appliances including air conditioners, clothes washer and dryer, microwaves, ovens, stoves.

ARCA, Inc.
Appliance Recycling Centers of America (ARCA) offers resources on how to recycle appliances in states where a ARCA contact is located.

Accepts only working appliances.

Habitat for Humanity
Habitat ReStores are retail outlets where quality used and surplus building materials, including appliances, are sold or used in building new homes.

Salvation Army
Salvation Army will accept appliances that are still in good condition and working order. They do offer free pick up services.

Xcel Energy
Sponsored by Xcel Energy in Colorado, they will pick up your old refrigerator and haul it away and recycle it for free.

Bags, Purses & Suitcases

Cycla, LLC
Cycla will purchase used textiles, shoes, accessories, purses, belts, backpacks, books, CD/DVD, Kitchen pans/pots, small toys and stuffed animals in bulk quantites. Recycle That  is a sister organization that partners with charities and community groups to provide fundraising opportunities via recycling.

Ebags has partnership with Give Back Box to recycle/ donate used backpacks, business cases, handbags, laptop cases, messenger bags, suitcases or duffel bags. They offer free shipping of your old bags and in turn provide a $25 coupon for a new bag on ebags. All items donated must be without stains, burns, tears or holes. All wheels, handles and zippers must be intact and in working condition. Learn more.

Suitcases for Kids
The donate used bags and suitcases to children moving into or out of state care and shelters. Often these kids only have trash bags to carry their belongings. Distribution is only in the Massachusetts area but they accept donations nationwide. See the ‘donate’ page for more details and information.


Ecologic Designs
Ecologic Designs will accept used banners and vinyl signage and repurpose it into new products. You can mail or drop off items to 2500 47th Street, Suite 12, Boulder, CO 80301

Gorilla Sacks

Gorilla Sacks will recycle billboards, signs, banners made from vinyl material. They will repurpose them into new bags for re-sale. Items can be dropped off or mailed to them directly in Atlanta, GA.


Batteries Plus
Across the country, Batteries Plus stores accept all batteries for recycling.

Battery Solutions, Inc.
Accepts batteries from around the country. There is a small cost of .85 cents a pound to recycle your batteries which goes to support the program.

Western Disposal
Western Disposal, located in Boulder, CO, will accept all household batteries from local Boulder County residents. Batteries must be dropped off at their facility located at 5880 Butte Mill Road, Boulder.


Bicycles for Humanity
This organization collects used and broken bicycles across the globe to repair and recycle them. The re-purposed bikes are then shipped to community based organizations in developing countries. To recycle or donate bikes, contact the local USA Bicycles for Humanity chapter in your area.

Bikes for the World
They accept any adult or children's bicycles even ones that have a missing tire, seat or pedal. They also accept tandems, recumbents, adult tricycles, trail-a-bikes, and even unicycles. They also accept usable bicycle parts including tubes, tires, wheels, chains, pedals, saddles, cables, and mountain bike handlebars. The bicycle accessories they accept include helmets, pumps, locks, gloves, chains (for locks), bicycle books and manuals, and hand tools including general tools such as wrenches and screw drivers, as well as specialized bike tools. The bikes they collect are given to lower income people in developing countries.

Community Cycles
A Boulder, Colorado based program that refurbishes and recycles bikes for return back into the community.

Working Bikes Cooperative
An organization that collects used and old bikes and ships them to developing countries in South America and Africa. Drop off centers located throughout the IL state area. For shipping information please go to the website.


Blue Rectangle
Will buy used books and textbooks. Go to their website and log in the ISBN number to see if it is a book they will take. If so, they pay for shipping with our their postage-paid mailing label.

Books for Africa
This organization ships college text books, children's books, science and math books, dictionaries to African schools. Books must be in excellent to good condition. See website for more complete donation guidelines and shipping address.

Books for Soldiers
Offers a process that individuals can donate books, DVD's and games to U.S. troops directly. Individuals must register as an 'official volunteer' with the program and do pay for shipping directly. Troops prefer paper back books, magazines and comics. Most have access to DVD players. Click on the site's FAQs for more specific information and details on the program.

Literacy Link
This is a volunteer tutoring program operating in a small, rural community in Southwest New Mexico. They tutor adults and children, to those who are learning English as second language or cannot afford to buy books for themselves. They can use books for teens and adults primarily for their ESL Program. Donations can be sent via mail to their offices directly.

Public Libraries
All public libraries will accept used books. They will usually sort through them, add relevant ones to their own catalog and then sell remaining books in the annual book sales.

Denver Book Recycling
They offer an outlet to donate new and used, unwanted books, DVDs, CDs, VHS tapes, textbooks, and software. They reuse most of the books donated. Books of value are sold to raise money for their organization, some are donated to other good causes and those books that cannot be placed are recycled for paper content. Local pickup available in the Denver area or you can send books to them from other national U.S. cities.

Sprout Classrooms
They purchase quality used classroom resources from retiring teachers, teachers who are changing grades, and teachers who are cleaning out their classrooms and then make the resources available to current teachers.

Used Book Stores
Most used book stores accept used books and will usually offer credit in their stores. Just Google 'used book store' plus your city and state and you will be able to find one near you.

Candles and Wax

Eco-officiency will accept partially burned candles, both in and out of containers and unused wax to be recycled into new candles. These will be given to local area schools to sell as school fundraisers as well as provide candles for homeless shelters. Please send donations directly to 4055 Dawn Ct, Boulder, CO 80304.

St. Vincent De Paul Society of Lane County
Based in Eugene, OR St. Vincent has developed recycling-based businesses for their community. You can mail your burned candles and wax and items will be re-purchased for sale. Please check their website to make sure they are accepting donations.

Used Candles
Based in London, Ontario, they will accept used candles and wax to make new candles to sell and support charities. See website for shipping instructions.


Carpet Recovery America Effort
Offers locations and sites across the U.S. that will recycle carpet.

ReVolve Carpet Recycling
Based in Broomfield, Colorado, ReVolve Recycling will recycle all commercial carpet. They do not have a website but are located at 3401 Industrial Lane, Broomfield, CO 80220. 720-212-9375, 720-212-9375,

Cars and Motor Vehicles

A 501(C)3 national non-profit car donation charity which accepts vehicles in any condition. The charity uses donations to provide reliable transportation to victims of domestic violence, military veterans, struggling families, and disabled children.

Action Donation Services
Offers nationwide service to donate a car, boat, motorhome, RV or truck to a non-profit organization. They provide free towing and process all required DMV and IRS documents for donors.

Cars for Charity
A local Colorado non-profit organization that accepts cars for use with other non-profit organizations.

Kars for Kids
The program is a national charity that provides free towing and a tax deduction certificate when you donate/recycle your car, motorcycle, RV, boat, trailer, jet ski, bus or snowmobile.

Vehicles for Charity
A local Colorado organization that will pick up old cars, auction them off and give the money to various local environmental non-profits in Colorado.

Vehicles For Veterans
Vehicles For Veterans is a nonprofit car donation program that benefits veterans' charities. We accept cars, trucks, boats, RVs, motorcycles (running or not) and donors receive free towing and a tax deduction.

Wheels for Wishes
This Colorado based organization supports the Make A Wish Foundation with the proceeds of used donated vehicles. They accept as motor vehicles (both working and non-working) including cars, truck, motorcycle, SUV, RV or boats. They offer free pick up and towing in all U.S. states. They also provide a tax deductible receipt. See website for more details.

With Causes Charitable Network
Causes Charitable network is a religious based non-profit that accepts donated vehicles, sells them and then assists financially those people in need including low-income families, veterans, women, children as well as other non-profit organizations. They accept used cars, boats, trailers, RV's, campers and aircraft.

Cell Phones

All cell phone manufacturers will recycle and take back old phones. See their websites for details.

IT Equipment
Recyclers of IT equipment will also accept cell phones.

Children / Kids / Babies

Parenting Place
A non-profit based in Boulder that supports and educates local families about parenting. They accept donations of all children and baby items including clothing, toys, books, art supplies and diapers.

Wee Cycle
WeeCycle's helps low income families with infants and toddlers in the Denver metro area by providing them with new and gently used baby gear free of charge. They serve families with infants and toddlers affected by poverty, homelessness, domestic violence, teen pregnancy and under-employment. For a full list of accepted donations, go to Accepted Items. There are over 10 drop-off locations in the Denver metro area.

A local Colorado non-profit that gathers unwanted items from local businesses and upcycles them into interesting and unique learning activities for schools. They accept a range of materials from individuals and companies including: Packing materials, desk supplies, CDs, DVDs, bottle caps, corks, craft supplies, hardware, office supplies, small toys, fabric and foam remnants, promotional items, party supplies, lab equipment, magnets, restaurant supplies. Donations can be dropped off Tues-Sat 10-5pm or picked up.


Thrift Shopper is a directory of thrift stores, secondhand, vintage and consignment stores in the United States. It provides store locations, maps and hours opened. Most thrift stores will take all used clothing, shoes, coats, belts, scarves and other clothing accessories.

Cycla will purchase used textiles, shoes, accessories, purses, belts, backpacks, books, CD/DVD, Kitchen pans/pots, small toys and stuffed animals in bulk quantites. Recycle That is a sister organization that partners with charities and community groups to provide fundraising opportunities via recycling.

Dress for Success
A nonprofit that helps outfit low-income women with professional apparel for job interviews and work to achieve economic independence. They have locations available in the U.S. as well as Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. In the interest of the women they serve, they only accept seasonal, professional workplace appropriate clothing that is in style, on hangers, clean and clear of stains and tears, and ready to wear.

Fairy Godmothers Inc.
Gives formal gowns, long bridesmaid dresses, dresses, shoes, evening bags, jewelry to high school girls from low-income families for their proms. Dresses must be fashionable and in good condition. This organization distributes dresses in the East coast area. See website for delivery addresses.

Free the Girls
An organization that helps rescue girls from the sex trafficking industry. One of the ways they help these young women is to provide a safe income selling bras. They will accept new and gently used bras. Go to their website for their mailing address or find a drop off location.

North Face
North Face has select retail stores that will accept used apparel and footwear that is any brand or condition. They have in-store bins to place the used items and will give you a $10 coupon as an incentive. The items collected are sent to a recycling center where they are sorted to be re-used or recycled. Recycled clothing and shoe products can be made into insulation, carpet padding, stuffing for toys and material for new clothing.

One Warm Coat
Gives coats to needy individuals and has locations around the country. Go to website to find a location in your area.

Patagonia will take back any Patagonia product and will recycle the material into a new product. Items can be taken back directly to stores of mailed to their Service Center at 8550 White Fir Street, Reno, NV 89523.

Salvation Army
Salvation Army has thrift stores around the United States that will take all used clothing and accessories and sell them to support the numerous international programs that support low-income families.

The Women's Alliance
The Women's Alliance has around the U.S. that provide business-attire clothing to low income women. You can drop off clothes at a local member.

ThredUp is an online used clothing store that only accepts name brand items. They send you a pre-paid shipping bag to put your used clothing in. ThredUp goes through the bag and selects the items they think they can sell and purchase them from you. The items they can't sell they give to their charitable partners and textile recycling companies. Learn more.

Turn Style Consignment
Turn Style is a consignment shop with locations in Minnesota, Colorado, and Arizona that buys used brand clothing, purses, belts, scarves and shoes, jewelry and outerwear.


A-1 Organics
They accept commercial compost waste in Denver Metro area, Eaton and Keensburg Colorado and Buckeye, Arizona.

Eco-Cycle based in Boulder, CO will accept all compost materials at the CHARM facility.

Find a Composter
Offers a searchable data base to locate a composting facility in your area nationwide.

IT Equipment / Electronics / Computers

As of July 2013, Coloradans can no longer dispose of consumer electronics in their household trash, as most "e-waste" is being banned from landfills, based on the Colorado legislation SB12-133, Electronic Device Recycling Act. For more details, visit Colorado department of Public Health and Environment.

Amazon Kindle
If your Kindle breaks, or you decide to upgrade to the latest model, Amazon will take back your old Kindle. You can register online to get a prepaid shipping label, and then send the Kindle to the recycler, where the Kindle's data and personal information is removed, and the products are then broken down for their materials to be reused.

Arion Global, Inc.
Based in Los Angeles, CA, they offer U.S. electronic waste recycling. They offer pick up from LA offices and will destroy hard drives and other confidential information. Complete their online form to schedule a pick up.

Best Buy
Best Buy, through any of the U.S. stores, will take nearly any electronic device for recycling, with store credit offered for trade-ins with value. All products are recycled responsibly and third-party verified.

CD Recycling Center
They will accept CDs, DVDs and their packinging, inkjet cartridges, cell phones, small electronics, mp3 players, charges, Floppy disks, computer cables, printer cables, extension cords, Christmas lights. Go to their website and enter in your state. They will either provide you will a local drop off center in the US or a mailing address. Donor pays for the shipping cost.

Community Computer Connection
Accepts donations of equipment, which are then refurbished for non-profits and schools throughout Colorado. They accept any computers, regardless of age or functionality, network equipment including servers and switches, and working flat screen displays. They do not accept Apple computers.

Dell Computers
Dell provides recycling for their products or other manufacturers. They offer a trade-in program in exchange for Dell gift cards. They also have a program that will donate used equipment to local non profits and schools.

e-Cycle purchases cell phones and tablets for reuse and provides free recycling for all end-of-life mobile devices (cell phones, smartphones, tablets, e-readers) and accessories (cords, batteries and chargers). e-Cycle serves businesses and consumers in U.S. and provides free shipping and data deletion. e-Cycle is e-Stewards, R2 and ISO 14001 certified which ensures e-waste is recycled responsibly.

e-stewards is a non profit that is committed to responsible electronics waste. They have a list of certified electronic waste providers in the United States. These providers have been guaranteed to recycle the e-waste responsibly and meet the e-stewards standard.

Eco-cycle's Hard to Recycle Center, based in Boulder, CO takes almost all IT equipment and electronic waste. There is a small fee to recycle items.

Electronic Recyclers International
Offers e-waste facilities in Colorado, California, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Texas and Washington. It recycles not only computer equipment but most electrical equipment used in offices. This company does offer certificates of destruction to ensure that all waste is being handled responsibly and ethically.

Goodwill Good Electronics program accepts all electronics free of charge. Each piece of equipment data is destroyed and wiped clean. Equipment is either recycled or refurbished and sold in stores. Only certain Goodwill stores will accept electronics.

Green Buyback
GreenBuyback allows you to sell your phone and other electronics online in an eco-friendly manner. They provide an instant online valuation and will arrange and pay for the shipping of the device. 

Green Secure
Green Secure is a full service electronics recycler specializing in e-waste recycling, data destruction, I.T. asset management and certified product destruction. We serve the Los Angeles County area in California and focus on B2B e-waste recycling needs.

HP offers a product return and recycling for all their products and most of their supplies. They will offer a trade-in or purchase equipment back for cash.

Metech accepts IT equipment, biotech equipment, medical devices and consumer electronics for recycling. They are certified recycler with e-Stewards. The have locations in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Utah.

Mountain Electronics Recycling
They accept most IT and computer equipment including: electronics, computers, monitors, batteries, faxes, cell phones, hard drives, servers, laptops, printers and copper wire. They also buy and recycle scrap metals in household items. See Scrap Items We Recycle for details.

They offer an online service and have participating retail stores, such as Target, that will recycle used electronics such as ipods, iphones, cell phones and other electronic gadgets. Depending on the condition they will sell, upgrade or offer a trade-in program for your equipment.

OAC Technology
OAC Technology is a Minnesota-based company providing free electronics recycling services. The company accepts: computers, laptops, servers, networking equipment, and other IT equipment.

Office Depot
Office Depot has a program called Tech Recycling Services. Customers purchase a "Tech Recycling Box" that is $5-$15 depending on size. Customers may fill it with as many computer and electronic devices as will fit in the box. Customers then bring the box, unsealed, to Office Depot where it will be responsibly recycled at a nearby facility.

PCs for People
PCs for People, based in Minnesota and Colorado, recycles end-of-lifecycle computers, wipes the data, refurbishes, and distributes to low-income kids and families with access to internet. PCs for People is AAA certified by the National Association for Information Destruction and a Registered Microsoft Refurbisher. You can drop off at one of their locations or contact them to schedule a pickup.

R2 Stewardship Responsible Recycling Solutions
Based in Denver, they accept computers, appliances, batteries, cardboard, cell phones, copiers, stereo equipment, electronic equipment, ink cartridges, monitors, scrap metal, paint, plastic, printers, TVs and wire.

RepowerIT, LLC.
We buy and sell all kinds of used high end IT equipment made by Dell, Cisco, and HP including computers, servers, towers, mainframes, switches, routers, monitors, phones, cable and wire. We also accept and recycle all kinds of computer scrap, no matter how small or large it is. Based in South Florida but do service nationwide.

Sustainable Electronics Recycling International
SERI offers a third party certification process that ensures e-waste is disposed of responsibly. E-waste recyclers can obtain an R2 certification and then will be added to a database of their R2 certified e-waste recyclers in the United States.

Offers electronics recycling in the Denver/Boulder area. Will try to refurbish computers before recycling.

The Toshiba Trade-In and Recycle Program provides you with a way to trade-in or recycle used, working technology products in exchange for a refund by mail.

Twin Cities Digital
Twin Cities Digital is a Minnesota-based company that accepts used IT equipment and resells upon refurbishing. They accept: phones, routers, switches, tape drives, servers, printers, disk storage, wireless equipment, workstation computers. They will accept materials from anywhere in the U.S. with shipping.

Construction and Building Materials

GreenCycling Homes
Based in Colorado, they will buy and sell kitchens from homeowners that are planning a remodel. They also recycle bathrooms, laundry rooms, built-in cabinets, wet bars, closet systems, interior and exterior doors. Contact them directly for specific information.

Construction and Demolition Recycling Association
This association offers a directory of companies that recycle construction and building materials in the United States. Go to the search directory to find resources by state.

Go Green Warehouse
This thrift store based in Lakewood, Colorado accepts building materials, including appliances, tile, flooring and doors. They do not have a website, so call them directly for more information on accepted items 720-236-1340.

Habitat for Humanity
Habitat ReStores accept small and large donations of appliances, housewares and building materials. These items are sold or used to help build homes for low income communities.

Resource Central
Resource accepts architectural and other used or new building materials and resells them at great prices, making it possible to reuse and recycle building materials that are traditionally discarded during construction and basic remodeling. Resource is located in Boulder, CO.


Cork Club
They accept natural and synthetic plastic corks for recycling. Go to their website to request a free shipping label.

Cork Forest Conservation Alliance
They have "Cork ReHarvest" boxes located in food and liquor retailers, including Whole Foods. Check their website for drop off locations.

Recycles all wine corks and distributes them to make new materials made from corks. They have drop off locations across the United States in food retail stores as well as liquor and wine stores.


Women's shelters can accept some women's cosmetics that have not yet expired.

Cosmetic Manufacturers such as Aveda, Lush, Kiehl's, Origins, MAC, Garnier, Tenoverten, Cote and Body Shop offer a take-back program. Check your cosmetic company's website for details.

Dress for Success
Accepts unopened beauty products and cosmetics.

Appalachian Wildlife Refuge
Accepts mascara wands and brushes to help injured wildlife. AWR is non-profit that helps to rehabilitate injured and orphaned wildlife in Western North Carolina. They use the mascara brushes to clean the fur of small animals they have rescued.

Beauty Bus
Beauty Bus provides in-home appointments for the chronically or terminally ill to receive haircuts, beauty treatments and other grooming services. They will accept unused beauty, cosmetics and hair care products.


Angels Community Outreach
Based in New Jersey, this organization accepts new and used kids Halloween costumes. They distribute these costumes to low-income children in their community.

Gott a Costume
They will accept adult and kids costumes. They do donate and sponsor non-profits, schools and community functions that need costumes and so rely heavily on individual donations. They can be shipped or dropped off at the Denver location at 15167 E. Hampden Avenue, Aurora.

Theatre Development Fund
They will accept costumes in good condition or vintage clothing items that donated and borrowed by local performing arts organizations. Email or call 212-989-5855 before sending donations.

This organization accepts new and used kids Halloween costumes. They are a non-profit and distribute these costumes to low-income children in the US.

Credit Cards / Gift Cards / ID Cards

EarthWork Systems
A company that recycles ID cards, credit cards, driver's license, library card, video rental card, membership cards, shopper discount cards, retailer gift cards, almost any plastic card. They make Earthworks 100% recycled plastic cards and sell back to retailers. Just send plastic cards, no rubber bands, paper clips or paper in the box. Send cards to Earthworks c/o Halprin Ind., 25840 Miles Rd., Bedford, OH 44146.

Terracycle will accept gift cards, credit cards and other plastic type cards for recycling. They require recycled materials in their own pre-paid boxes available from the TerraCycle website.

Discs and Cassettes

CD Recycling Center of America
They recycle CD/ DVD's and their packaging free, the only cost you incur is shipping. Send directly to 68H Stiles Road, Salem, NH 03079.

Green Disk
Will accept all computer discs and CD ROMs. Does not pay for shipping and charges 10 cents per pound to recycle.


Lions Clubs International
The Lions clubs collect used eyeglasses and deliver them to regional Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centers (LERCs). LERC clean, sort by prescription strength and package the glasses which are then distributed to people in need in developing countries. You can mail glasses to 300 W. 22nd Street, Oak Brook, IL 60523. Or go to their site to find a local recycling center.

New Eyes for the Needy
Distributes glasses free worldwide. Accepts plastic and metal frames in any condition. Also accepts sunglasses and hearing aids.

Unite for Sight
Your eyeglasses (reading and distance) as well as non-prescription sunglasses will be distributed to children and adults in Nigeria, Malawi, Benin, Ghana, Uganda, Somalia, Cameroon, Congo, Guinea, Kenya, Tanzania, India, and Thailand.

Fishing Equipment

Berkley Recycling
Accepts fishing line and converts it into fish habitat structures. Some fishing store retailers have bins or it can be mailed to 1900 18th Street, Spirit Lake, Iowa 51360.


Most non-perishable food items can be donated to local area homeless shelters, food banks and food rescue programs.

Boulder Food Rescue
Will pick up soon-to-be-expired and/or overstocked food items from manufacturers, distributors and retailers in the Boulder, Colorado area and distribute it (via bike!) to local area homeless shelters, food banks and community centers.

Emergence Family Assistance Assoc.
Based in Boulder, CO this organization helps support low-income families. They will accept all dry goods that have not been opened. Donations can be dropped off at their Boulder facility.

Community Food Share
Based in Boulder, CO they accept canned, fresh produce, diary products, baked goods, meat products and prepared and catered food donations.

Denver Rescue Mission
A shelter based in Denver for the homeless that accepts can and non-perishable food items including : canned vegetables, fruit, meats, peanut butter, jelly, sugar, spices, cooking oil and pasta.

Food Bank of the Rockies
They provide food to those in need in the Rocky Mountain Region. They primarily accept large quantity of food donations from manufacturers, distributors, farmers and retailers.

ReConserve® is the largest recycler of bakery, cereal grain, snack foods, and related food by-products in the United States. They provide efficient removal and recycling services to the food and feed manufacturing industries nationwide. They process food waste from manufacturer's into a high-energy, palatable dried component for livestock feed, marketed under the DBP® brand.

Furniture & Housewares

Furniture and housewares in good condition can be donated to local thrift stores, consignment stores, Goodwill, Salvation Army stores across the United States. Goodwill stores will recycle items responsibly that cannot be sold in their thrift stores.

A Bedder World
Based in Longmont, CO, they recycle not only mattresses, box springs and framers but also electronics, large furniture and appliances. You can drop off items or schedule a pick up. See website for details on pricing.

Calphalon Cookware
When you buy new Calphalon cookware, you can pack up your old cookware (any brand) in the box the new Calphalon cookware came in, and send it back to Calphalon. They'll pay shipping expenses, send the cookware to a special recycling center, and even send you a couple of recycled-cotton shopping bags for your effort.

CSR Eco Solutions
A social enterprise dedicated to minimizing waste by donating and recycling corporate surplus furniture to local charities. They operate in the USA and Canada and accept any and all office furniture and equipment, regardless of location or condition.

Joy's Consignment Furniture
Based in the Denver, CO area, Joy's is a high-quality furniture consignment retailer. Click on Consignment Details for more specific information about furniture consignment.

Plain Jane Design
Anything but plain is a Boulder, Colorado based mosaic artist who reuses materials for her artwork. She accepts broken or chipped pottery, ceramics and mirrors that she re-purposes for her work. She also accepts musical instruments that can no longer be played.

Providers Resource Clearinghouse
PRC accepts donations in the Denver area from corporations and individuals of new and used office and household furnishings plus new office and household supplies, and finds new life for the items by recycling or redistributing them to other non-profits in Colorado and those individuals they serve for a small fee. Call directly to schedule a pick up.

Recycle Pots and Pans
Recycle Pots & Pans volunteers provide complete kitchen sets to individuals making transitions from shelters and other temporary housing in Ohio to more permanent residences. Donations can be either dropped off at their Ohio location and/or mailed. See their list for most requested items.

Salvation Army
Will provide free pick up for most large furniture items. Advance notice must be given.


The Humane Society of the U.S.
Will accept real furs as donations for their Coats for Cubs program. They send them to wildlife rehabilitators who use the furs to comfort the orphaned wild baby animals they find every year. There are drop off locations at Buffalo Exchange thrift stores or you can mail them directly to Coats for Cubs.

Wildlife Rescue League
They accept real fur coats and rugs and donate them to local area wildlife rehabilitators for rehabbing orphaned wildlife and babies. To make a donation, email them directly .


Most local dry cleaners accept the wire hangers and most thrift shops accept plastic and or wooden hangers.

Hazardous Waste / Chemicals

Boulder, CO Area

Denver, CO Area

Provides a link and directory to find a local hazardous waste facility in the U.S.

Hearing Aids

Family Hearing Center
The Family Hearing Center, based in Colorado, also will accept used hearing aids and donate them to charity and low-income families. They will also accept hearing aid batteries for recycling.

Hearing Aid Project
Provides hearing aids to low income families and children to help them excel in school. All hearing aids are accepted no matter how old. To donate, complete their donation form and they will provide shipping instructions.

Lions Club International
The Lions Club has a program called "Hearing Aid Recycling Program (HARP) provides hearing aids for individuals with limited financial resources. They have Recycling Program Centers available in Canada, United States that individuals can drop off or mail hearing aids to them directly.

Starkey Hearing Foundation
Hear Now is a national non-profit program committed to assisting those permanently residing the in the U.S. who are deaf or hard of hearing and have no other resources to acquire hearing aids. Hear Now collects hearing aids for recycling purposes. Any make or model, regardless of age, can be donated to the hearing aid recycling program. Please see website for shipping address.

Industrial / Manufacturing

Repurposed Materials
Repurposed Materials deals in repurposing and re-using byproducts and waste of manufacturing and industry materials. They accept materials such as containers, materials, billboards, scrap conveyor belting, drums, street sweeper brushes, roof insulations, etc., that are a byproduct of manufacturing and commerce that can be re-purposed "as is".

TerraCycle offers a variety of programs through which can recycle nearly every type of industrial waste. Contact them directly for details and large scale recycling services.


Most jewelry can be sold to local jewelry companies who will pay cash and recycle gems and precious metals. Costume jewelry, in good and broken condition, can usually be given to thrift stores.

Animal Defenders International
They will accept all unwanted jewelry including gold, silver, costume jewelry and watches. They can accept all jewelry whether it has been used, damaged, or broken. On their website shows an address for sending it to the UK headquarters. Email them for a direct shipping address for the U.S.:

Junk Removal Companies

1-800-GOT JUNK?
Will pick up old furniture, appliances, yard waste, electronics and construction debris. Recycles items that can be recycled.

College Hunks Hauling Junk
College Hunks Hauling Junk? provides collegiate teams to remove junk quickly from anywhere within commercial or residential property. They donate a portion of revenues from each job to local college scholarship programs.

Gone for Good
A local Colorado company serving the Denver Metro area. They will come to your house or business and pick up items. Of those items they will resell, give to charity or recycle and try to reduce impact into the landfill.

Junk Genius
A franchised junk hauler with locations across the nation. They offer flat fee system.

Rubbish Works
A national US franchise that offers appliance, landscaping, commercial and household junk removal and recycling. They are able to recycle over 50% of the material they remove and are committed to disposing of junk items responsibly.

Keurig Cups

Grounds to Grow On
Keurig developed a K-cup recovery program. A company can order boxes (about $10 per box) that can be filled and then shipped to the recycler pre-paid. The K−Cup® pack is processed through a proprietary method, which separates the grounds from the actual plastic cup. The grounds are sent out for composting to be used in a variety of agricultural applications, the cup is then processed through Covanta Energy and are used in an energy-from-waste process. Keurig provides more information on their site.

Keurig provides directions on how to recycle Keurig containers. The lid is aluminum and can be recycled with co-mingled containers. The contents inside should be composted. The containers themselves are #5 plastic if your community recycler accepts #5 plastics. If your community does not recycle #5 plastics, then you can send them back to Keurig for a $4 fee. See details here.

Light Bulbs and Lamps

Because of toxic metals inside lightbulbs, most lightbulbs should not be discarded in the landfill waste. Lightbulbs can be recycled with Hazardous Waste or at the resources below.

Batteries Plus
They will accept used lightbulbs and recycle them responsibly. They will accept almost all light bulbs, fluorescent, mercury, LED and Halogen. All Battery Plus retail locations will accept used lightbulbs and batteries. See website for locations.

Will accept fluorescent and compact fluorescent lamps via mail. There is a fee to order their containers that includes pre-paid shipping. See website for details.

Lamp Recycle
Provides a list of resources nationwide on where to recycle various types of light bulbs and lamps.

Luggage / Suitcases

eBags has a program to recycle used (but in good condition) luggage, purse, business cases, backpacks, duffels, messenger bags, or handbags and they will give you a $25 credit for a new bag on their website. They donate used bags to charity.

Suitcases for Kids
Donates suitcases to foster children who move from home to home. Suitcases are preferred but large duffel bags and backpacks are also accepted.

TerraCycle will accept luggage and bags for recycling. There is a fee for a box and shipping.


A Bedder World
Based in Longmont, CO, they recycle mattresses, box springs and framers. You can drop off items or schedule a pick up. See website for details on pricing

Bye Bye Mattress
Bye Bye Mattress was formed by The Mattress Recycling Council to provide information for consumers on recycling programs in states which have enacted mattress recycling laws. They provide resources for US locations to recycle mattresses.

Spring Back
A company based in Colorado Springs that hires people in need to support low-income populations. They provide pick up in the Denver metro area.

Medical Supplies

Colorado Medication Take Back Project
The Colorado Medication Take-Back Project is a network of secure boxes for the collection of unused and unwanted household medications. The collection boxes can be found at eleven locations in the Denver front range and Summit County areas. The medications are collected and disposed of with other hazardous waste materials. They accept all prescription medications, over the counter medications, medication samples, pet medications, vitamins, medicated ointments and lotions and inhalers.

Faith Alive Foundation - Nigeria
Provides medical and social services, free of charge to thousands of patients living in extreme poverty and many with HIV/AIDS, through the Faith Alive hospital in Jos, Nigeria. They accept most medical and surgical supply donations from manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors of pharmaceuticals, medical supply companies, dentists, or optometrists. To donate, email

Medical Assistance Program (MAP)
Provides medicines to developing and poverty stricken nations. They accept all medical supply and medications donations from manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors of pharmaceuticals, medical supply companies or dentists or dental suppliers. To donate call 800-225-8550 and ask to speak with Connie Reed, Procurement Coordinator.

Project C.U.R.E.
ProC.U.R.E. is the linchpin Project C.U.R.E. program in which Project C.U.R.E. receives medical supplies and biomedical equipment from medical manufacturers, wholesale distributors, suppliers, hospitals, clinics, and individuals from around the U.S. Project C.U.R.E. maintains large warehouse facilities across the United States to receive these generous in-kind donations. Because of Project C.U.R.E.'s large international distribution network, most items can be accepted, and all donations are receipted for tax purposes. For more information or to find a life-saving home for your surplus and gently used equipment and supplies, please contact

Project VETS
Project Vets collects used veterinary equipment, books, technology and pet supplies and donates them worldwide to veterinarians working in animal sanctuaries, non-profits or animal shelters. Donations can be mailed directly to their warehouse 4636 N. 55th Street, Boulder, CO 80301.

Metal (Scrap)

SustainAbility recycles: batteries, bikes, bike tubes, books, bubble wrap, cork, CD's, DVD's, Fire Extinguishers, ink and toner, electronics, paint, propane tanks, mercury thermostats, single stream materials, stryofoam, durable plastics (#2 and #5), smoke alarms, scrap metal, shoes, tennis balls, yard signs. They have residential and business pickup services, as well as two drop-off locations (in Denver and Arvada, cost of $1), and they also take many hard-to-recycle items (cost of $3).  Their business employs individuals who have intellectual or development disabilities.

Based in Boulder, CO. Scrap metal can be taken to their CHARM facility.

Office Supplies / Furniture

The art-supply company is hoping to teach kids about recycling through its ColorCycle program. Schools who want to participate in the program can collect used markers and send them in to Crayola.

Providers Resource Clearinghouse
PRC accepts donations in the Denver area from corporations and individuals of new and used office and household furnishings plus new office and household supplies, and finds new life for the items by recycling or redistributing them to other non-profits in Colorado and those individuals they serve for a small fee. Call directly to schedule a pick up.

A local Colorado non-profit that gathers unwanted items from local businesses and upcycles them into interesting and unique learning activities for schools. The accept a range of materials from individuals and companies including: Packing materials, desk supplies, CDs, DVDs, bottle caps, corks, craft supplies, hardware, office supplies, small toys, fabric and foam remnants, promotional items, party supplies, lab equipment, magnets, restaurant supplies. Donations can be dropped off Tues-Sat 10-5pm or picked up.


Colorado passed a paint stewardship law in 2014 requiring the paint industry to fund and manage a paint stewardship program in the state. Since then, the program has expanded to nearly 145+ drop-off sites in CO. Visit Product Stewardship Institute for drop off locations.

Colorado Paint Recycling Centers
This list by Dave's Painting company, offers a comprehensive list of all facilities in Colorado that accept un-used or old paint. Be sure to call each resource to find out how they recycle it. Some organizations re-use the paint or give it away. Others treat it as hazardous waste or possibly recycle it using a certified paint recycler in the Colorado area.

Earth Paints
This Chicago-based company has found a way to recycle old and unused latex paint. The paint is processed to be reused into new paint or specialty type cements. They also recycle the paint cans. Click on 'Locations' to find a paint collection center in the Illinois or Wisconsin areas. Call them directly if outside that area.

GreenSheen is based in Centennial, Colorado and can recycle interior and exterior paint and the plastic and metal paint containers. They only accept latex paint (not oil or other chemical based paint) that is in liquid form and in the original packaging. Make sure not to consolidate partially full cans of paint, keep them in the original container no matter what the quantity. There is a small fee to recycle but they will give you a coupon for a good discount on the purchase of GreenSheen's recycled paint. Visit their contact us page to schedule a drop off or pick up.

Local High Schools
Unused water-based paint (especially neutral colors) can be donated to local high schools who do set design for musical productions and performances. Call your local high school to inquiry directly.

PaintCare plans and operates paint stewardship programs in the United States. PaintCare has programs in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Maine, Minnesota, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Vermont. States with PaintCare, have paint drop-off locations that are usually paint retailers who volunteer to take back certain paint products. To find a drop off location in your area, view their Drop Off Location Map.

SustainAbility recycles: batteries, bikes, bike tubes, books, bubble wrap, cork, CD's, DVD's, Fire Extinguishers, ink and toner, electronics, paint, propane tanks, mercury thermostats, single stream materials, stryofoam, durable plastics (#2 and #5), smoke alarms, scrap metal, shoes, tennis balls, yard signs. They have residential and business pickup services, as well as two drop-off locations (in Denver and Arvada, cost of $1), and they also take many hard-to-recycle items (cost of $3).  Their business employs individuals who have intellectual or development disabilities.

Pantyhose & Tights

No Nonsense
No Nonsense collects all brnads of hose, tights and kneehighs which are then recycled into other products. Go to their site and download a mailing label, put them in a box or mailer and send them directly to their manufacturing plant.

Recycled Crafts
Recycled Crafts will take used, torn and snagged nylon hosiery (pantyhose, tights, stockings) for recycling. They will accept mail in donations from anywhere. For specific questions email

Packing Material/Peanuts

Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers
Provides locations in the U.S. to donate packaging material including peanuts, bubble wrap, etc. See website for mail-in or drop-off locations in the United States.

Shipping Stores
Most local shipping stores will also accept used and clean peanuts, packing material and cardboard boxes. Make sure to call beforehand to see what type of items they will accept.

UPS Brown Stores
The UPS brown stores will accept clean bubble wrap and peanuts to reuse as packing materials.


The art-supply company is hoping to teach kids about recycling through its ColorCycle program. Schools who want to participate in the program can collect used markers and send them in to Crayola.

Pen Guy Art
Costas Schuler is a graphic and web designer based in San Francisco. He collects worn out pens and uses them for art projects. He is known for his "Mercedes Pens" art car that has over 10,000 pens glued to the body. Pens can be mailed directly to Costas. The address is located on his website.

TerraCycle will accept pens, pencils, and markers for recycling. There is a fee for a box and shipping.

Pet Supplies

Most pet supplies in good condition can be donated at local Humane Society's, animal shelters/ sanctuaries and wildlife rescue centers.

Humane Society
The local humane society dedicated to caring for abandoned animals will always accept used pet supplies. Humane societies are located across the U.S. In particular they need food bowls, leashes, pet food (unopened and not expired), dog and cat toys, pet bedding, used towels and sheets and unused medication. Make sure these items have been washed and are free from pet hair. This link will take you to the Humane Society of the U.S. to find the local shelter in your state and city.

Colorado Based Animal Shelters
This link by Animal Shelter will take you to a listing of all animal shelters located in Colorado. It will provide you a link to the animal shelters website. On most of the websites, they will have a listing of the type of pet products and supplies they need.

Project VETS
Project Vets collects used veterinary equipment, books, technology and pet supplies and donates them worldwide to veterinarians working in animal sanctuaries, non-profits or animal shelters. Donations can be mailed directly to their warehouse 4636 N. 55th Street, Boulder, CO 80301.

Plastic Containers and Packaging

Generally #1 and #2 bottle plastic containers, as well as #5 containers are recycled in most U.S. local recycling facilities. However #3, #4, #6 and #7 plastic containers are usually not accepted in co-mingled curb-side recycling.

Plastic Bag Recycling
A Bag's Life provides a directory of where you can recycle #2 and #4 plastic bags in the US.

Preserve's Grimme 5 Program
Accepts all #5 plastics and containers including: yogurt and hummus containers, plastic utencils, toothbrushes, razor handles, food storage containers. They have recycle bins at select Whole Foods Markets or materials can also be shipped to them directly.

TerraCycle will accept plastic packaging, coffee capsules, disposable cutlery for recycling. There is a fee for a box and shipping.

Tom's of Maine and TerraCycle
Tom's of Maine and TerraCycle will recycle empty and used toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes, floss containers, mouthwash bottles, soap packaging, and antiperspirant and deodorant containers. Shipping is provided and can be downloaded on the site. You can download and post this great visual poster to a box to remind your family of the type of items that can be recycled. They accept all brands of these products, not only Tom's of Maine.

Printer, Toner & Ink Jet Cartridges
247inktoner offers free printer cartridge recycling from any U.S. or Canadian location. They pay for shipping and only request that 8 minimum cartridges be sent at one time.

Hewlett-Packard's Planet Partners Recycling Program

Ink Guides
Offers information on how to recycle ink and toner cartridges and also list nationwide printer cartridge recycling programs.

Office Depot
Office Depot retail locations will accept used ink and toner cartridges and recycle them. Will provide $2 back via their rewards program.

Recycle Free
Recycles empty inkjet and laser cartridges for FREE. They will pay $1 for each returned cartridge. For envelopes go to your local CompUSA store.

Sewing Materials / Textiles

Sewing materials and textiles can generally be donated either to Goodwill or Salvation Army. In addition, consider donations to your local schools, quilting guilds and clubs, children's museums or senior centers who all have organized craft and sewing programs.

Bagz by the Bag Lady
The Bag Lady hand makes stylish handbags and shopping bags out of re-useable textile fabric and buttons. Fabric could be from old furniture, clothing, drapes where one portion has been worn but the majority is still in good condition. She is based in Boulder, CO and can be reached at 970-292-8235 or for donations.

Calling All Angels
A local Colorado organization that sews and knit blankets, hats, mittens, etc. for veterans, women's shelters, hospice and homeless. Will accept thread, buttons, trimmings, yarn and textiles. Call to arrange for pick up or drop off.

Ruby and Lou
Based in Boulder, Ruby and Lou make handcrafted quilts, ornaments and pet toys from re-useable material. She will accept sewing materials along with re-useable cotton fabric. Contact directly at:

Sewing Services
Many local sewing services will also take sewing materials and fabrics that you no longer want.


Crocs will accept worn shoes back and can be taken to a Crocs store. They will clean shoes and give to people in impoverished nations who are in need of shoes. Schools and other organizations can sign up to be a collection site.

Cycla, LLC
Assists Thrift Stores and other secondary businesses recycle their clothing, shoes, other textiles, purses, belts, backpacks, books, CDs/DVDs, toys, mixed plastics and household metals. Recycle That is a sister consumer-focused organization that partners with charities and community groups to provide fundraising opportunities via recycling for similar items.

Eco-Cycle Hard-to-Recycle Items
Boulder-based Eco-Cycle items accepts old, worn paired shoes that are clean.

Nike Reuse a Shoe
Nike has their own recycling program that gives used shoes in good condition to foreign countries. Other worn out shoes are recycled into courts, tracks and playgrounds. Shoe donations can be made at any Nike location.

One World Running
Since 1986, a group of runners in Boulder, Colorado, has collected, washed and sent to developing countries used athletic shoes, T-shirts and shorts, along with medicine and school and art supplies. Shoes in good condition can be donated and dropped off at the designated locations or mailed directly to Boulder Storage, 6439 Arapahoe Rd. Boulder, Colo. 80303.

Sole 4 Souls
Soles4Souls facilitates the donations of shoes, which are given to low-income families and kids worldwide. Shoe companies, retailers, and individuals can donate footwear (both new and used). Shoes can be dropped off at local retail locations or sent by mail.

Wildize Foundation
This Colorado-based organization accepts hiking boots and tennis shoes for the African Rangers who patrol the parks and wilderness areas. Send items directly to them at: PO Box 3078 Aspen, Colorado, USA 81612

Sporting Goods / Outdoor Gear

Boulder Ski Deals
Accepts skis, snowboard boots, ski boots, bindings, poles and snowboards for recycling. Usable equipment will be donated to charitable and domestic programs. Equipment that cannot be reused will be shredded and made into new products.

Boulder Sports Recycler
Based in Boulder, they accept most sporting goods equipment that is in good condition for consignment.

Golf Clubs
Used golf clubs can usually be donated to local high school clubs. Reach out to the coach or athletic department of your local school. Most thrift stores will also accept used golf clubs.

Green Guru Gear
This Boulder-based company is able to recycle bike tubes, climbing ropes or wetsuits; climbing rope and tents and rain flys. They recycle these materials to make new outdoor gear. There are collection locations at REI stores and in most major cities and states or it can be mailed directly to their Boulder location. For specific questions, email

Green Mountain Ski Furniture
Based out of Vermont, they also reuse old skis to custom build furniture or will resell old skis. They will pick up in the New England area only. They will accept shipments but will not pay the cost of shipping.

Mountain Equipment Recyclers
MER is based in Colorado Springs and offers consignment or donation options for used outdoor, sports and mountain equipment. The consignor delivers (via drop off or mail) their gear to the store in Colorado Springs. When the items sell, the consignor receives a percentage of the selling price either in cash or store credit. Items donated contribute to a greater cause! 50% of the sale of donated gear is given directly to local non-profit organizations assisting military veterans. For more information on types of equipment to donate, please email them at

Play it Again Sports
Donate used sports gear at local retail store ‘Play it Again’. They donate to non-profit kids sports programs.

ReBounces (Tennis Balls)
They restore old tennis balls that have lost their bounce. Go to their website to complete form to receive a prepaid shipping label. For more details email them at

Based out of Massachusetts, they makes chairs and ottomans out of skis, snow boards, hockey sticks, baseball bats and golf clubs. Also sells do-it-yourself plans to create these items out of your own materials.

Sports Gift
Donates used sports equipment to the world’s impoverished children. Will accept individual donations along with sports teams, leagues, clubs or schools. Based in LA goods can be dropped off at their location or mailed. See website for specific list of types of sports equipment accepted and mailing directions.

Yoga Mats
Yoga mats can be donated to a charity in your area that provides free classes to schools, prisons or shelters. They can also be recycled at Boulder-based Eco-Cycle CHARM facility.


ACH Foam Technologies
Will accept clean (please remove labels) molded #6 Styrofoam pieces. No food Styrofoam accepted. Can drop off at their facility 5250 Sherman St, Denver, CO 80216.

Their hard-to-recycle items drop off center located on Old Pearl Street in Boulder accepts Styrofoam.

Foam Facts
A website that offers information on foam and directory of where to recycle foam and Styrofoam in the U.S.

Recycle Tech
Accepts most packaging Styrofoam and repurposes it into other products. They offer a mail-in program.

V&G Styro Recycle
This company is based out of Renton, Washington. They have local drop off centers. You can also mail your Styrofoam to them directly.

Telephones & Smartphones

Telephones are considered electronic waste and can be recycled with e-waste providers. Most of the large cell phone providers (Sprint, AT&T and Verizon) also have recycling programs available.

Cell Phones for Soldiers
This organization donates used cell phones to American servicemen and women deployed overseas who often do not have an affordable option to call home. Phones call be mailed directly to their offices based in Fort Worth, TX or they have hundreds of drop off locations in the US and abroad. See their website for exact details.

Wireless Alliance
They accept cell phones, smart phones, PDAs, iPods, digital cameras, and tablets and other mobile devices regardless of age or condition. They also accept charges, rechargeable cell phone batteries, phone accessories including Bluetooth, air cards, clips and cases as well as the paper manuals and plastic packaging. They will pay for shipping.


Domestic Metals and Plastics
Will recycle all used or broken children's plastic toys. They have drop off locations in Southern California. Or items can be mailed and they have downloadable shipping labels.

Share a Gift
Collects new and gently used toys, books and bicycles for children of low-income families in the area of Colorado's Boulder Valley School District only from Thanksgiving week through the middle of December. Toys can be mailed to them directly.

TerraCycle will accept all toys used for play, including electronic toys for recycling. There is a fee for a box and shipping.

Trophies & Plaques

Lamb Awards and Engraving
A company based in Maryland that will accept used and/or damaged trophies. They will donate matching sets to charities and ones damaged will break down and use for parts. Please send them an email before sending at and include "recycling" in your subject line.

Total Awards & Promotions
6686 Odana Rd. Madison, WI 53719

Tyvek Materials

Dupont Tyvek Recycling Program
Tyvek envelopes and other materials are made from #2 plastic and can be recycled however, not in your regular curbside recycling programs. DuPont has partnered with Waste Management to offer a recycling kit. All Tyvek type materials including banners, signs, envelopes, wristbands and other printed Tyvek materials are accepted and when recycled are re-purposed for decking, playground equipment and pipes. Order the Tyvek recycling kit.

Water Bottles

Metal Water Bottles:
All metal water bottles can be recycled in single stream recycling and/or scrap metal recycling. Be sure to remove any plastic caps.

Plastic Water Bottles:
Look for a #1, #2 or #5 on the bottom of the plastic bottle. If it has those numbers, most can be recycled in single stream recycling.

Insulated Water Bottles:
Insulated water bottles cannot be recycled intact, they must be separated in order to be recycled. Polar Bottles provide instructions on how to take apart water bottles as well as will accept them for recycling and offer a coupon towards a new Polar water bottle.

Wedding Dresses and Accessories

Brides Against Breast Cancer
This organization will take your wedding dress and re-sell it to raise funds for wellness and educational services for those who have been impacted by cancer. Dresses can be sent to their main warehouse at 6279 Lake Osprey Drive Sarasota, FL 34240. Email for more info.

Bridal Garden
This bridal shop will resell used wedding gowns and wedding accessories and donate the profits to benefit education for disadvantaged youth living in New York City. Gowns can be dropped off at their location in New York or mailed in.


Clear Intentions
Clear Intentions is a minority woman-owned and operated business located in Denver, Colorado that diverts glass from landfills and processes it into a high-quality crushed glass. They focus on convenient collection for communities and businesses via drop-off locations and glass valet pick-up. They accept most consumer glass (wine, liquor, beer bottles and food jars) and Industrial glass (windows). Refer to their site for the items they do not accept.


Rochester Silver Works, LLC
Rochester Silver Works can recycle the following items: miocrofilms, microfiche, industrial X-Ray film, silver nitrate and oxide. Formerly an Eastman Kodak division we were sold 5 year ago to Rochester Silver Works. Materials can be mailed directly to them and they will offer certificate of destruction letters.

Xray Film Recycling
They pick-up your outdated/end-of-life X-Ray and MRI film anywhere in the U.S. for silver recovery purposes. Their X-Ray recycling program includes free pick-up and cash back for your x-ray films. They also provide a HIPAA compliant certificate of destruction for your film including paper jackets and all other medical related records received along with it. The B.W. Recycling vendor is licensed and registered with the Environmental Protection Agency, and the process is 100% eco-friendly.

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