Why should you recycle your chopsticks?

Because approximately 1.5 billion disposable chopsticks are used worldwide, per week. And most travel thousands of kilometers for a single use and then straight to the landfill.

One Canadian company, ChopValue, is working to change this by turning recycled chopsticks into furniture, office desks and other useful household items. These direct-to-consumer products range from cheeseboards (made from about 300 chopsticks), to shelves (about 1,500 to 2,000), to cabinets (about 2,500).

Recently, ChopValue reached a milestone by diverting its hundred-millionth discarded chopstick that would have otherwise been landfill-bound. The used chopsticks can be made from bamboo are wood and are collected from partner locations in dedicated recycling bins. Learn more about how and how ChopValue uses a circular manufacturing process to turn chopsticks into beautiful household goods using an innovative “microfactory” concept and a process they call “Urban Harvesting”.

How businesses can join the ChopValue Recycling Program
With locations all over Canada and offices in Boston and Las Vegas, their collection partners include restaurant chains, schools and universities, corporate offices and airports. Join their recycling program to help divert these one-time use utensils from reaching our landfills.  Become a recycling partner! Learn more at ChopValue.

Shop Recycled Chopstick Business and Home Products
Consumers can purchase these beautiful circular economy products made from urban harvested materials directly from ChopValue.  Shop the Home Collection.

Business Solutions: For offices big and small, restaurants, cafes, boardrooms, corner offices, cafeterias, and even custom homes, the flexibility of their Built-To-Order program creates unique products using a sustainable manufacturing process. Learn More

Recycled Chopsticks Transformed Into Office and Home Items