LEAD International is a non-profit organization based in Europe whose mission is to inspire leaders for a sustainable world.  

LEAD was originally funded in the early 1990’s by the Rockefeller Foundation to help develop and foster executives, government officials, academics, NGO directors, activists and other professionals to focus on sustainable development activities in their businesses and communities.

The organization and its programs are largely unknown in the U.S. partially because a U.S. chapter was never formed. However, there are over 12 chapters worldwide, including Mexico and Canada in North America.

Their flagship program, the Fellows Training, is an excellent 12-18 month program that is an interactive training for mid-career professionals, who are working in sustainability and/or would like to do more in sustainability. Each chapter has two week long trainings in their host county. Then the third session all of the chapters meet in one location to discuss more global and international sustainability issues.

This is an excellent organization and training program for those American leaders who would like to learn more outside our borders.

LEAD International: A Training Program for Leaders