Step 1: Procure Management Support

Before getting started on developing a sustainability plan, an organization must first prepare. Making sure you have the necessary data and support is essential before developing a sustainability plan. One of the very first steps is to procure management support.

It can’t be stressed enough, sustainability initiatives won’t happen unless you have top management support within an organization . It is important to not only educate management but also increase their involvement in the sustainability program. Make sure that the CEO and all top executives are on board to support a sustainability plan. This will require time from their staff along with consistent follow-through on sustainability initiatives. Ideally, management should be involved in the entire planning process, but at the very least should provide suggestions and input into the sustainability vision and objectives.

A good book for managers is Leading Change Toward Sustainability by Bob Doppelet, that discusses a methodology that manage rs can use to successfully lead their organizations to embrace sustainability.

Key Elements to Prepare for a Sustainability Plan: Procure Management Support