One way to green your operations is to make your events and meetings more sustainable.

Here are some simple ideas to get a company started

Don’t Use Disposables: Refrain from using non-compostable or recyclable disposable products such as cups, plates and plasticware. Invest in compostable options (such as Eco Products) or re-useable items.

Offer Alternative Transportation Options: One of the biggest footprint of meetings is getting attendees to and from the meeting location. Offer alternative transportation options such as carpooling or public transit.

Use Green Locations: If you are holding the meeting offsite, consider hiring and using a vendor that has a green facility.

Reduce the Paper: Send handouts to participants beforehand so they can download them to their computer, ipad or smartphone and eliminate the paper handouts.

Here are a few green meeting and event resources;

The City of Denver event calculator that will calculate the CO2 impact of your event.

Green Meetings is a site produced by the EPA that helps focus on resource reduction with meetings and events.

How to Organize a Green Event: Tips for Sustainable Planning

Green America –5 Tips for Hosting Seamless and Sustainable Online Events

Greening Your Event