In spring, there is a high volume of pesticides and fertilizers being used to keep lawns green and weed free. Before using your normal chemicals, consider using green or natural alternatives.

Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are known carcinogens and have also been linked to asthma, birth defects and neurological disorders. These chemicals are also affecting our wildlife too. Particularly our bee population which chemical pesticides have been proven to be one of the primary reasons we have had such decline in our bee populations. (To learn more visit E-Magazine’s article on Pesticide Linked to Honey Bee Deaths)

Here are some resources for natural pesticide and fertilizer use;

OrganoLawn is a Colorado based lawn care service that only uses natural and organic pesticide and fertilizer products.

Natural Pesticide Recipes Provides a list of ingredients to make your own green pesticide products.

Plant Talk Colorado: A robust site on garden and lawn care by the Colorado State University.

Clean Air Gardening: Provides a comprehensive list of all the environmentally friendly lawn care products including organic fertilizers and pest control products.

Consider Using Natural Pesticides and Fertilizers