The Story of Bottled Water

Annie Leonard, the producer of the Story of Stuff, just launched a new video called The Story of Bottled Water . This short video focuses on the bottled water industry marketing campaign to make us believe that tap water is ‘not healthy’ and also explains the environmental impact of bottled water. If you haven’t yet learned about the affects of the bottled water industry, this is an easy, short and enjoyable short video to watch.

Tapped the Movie- A Must See!

Eco-officiency was a sponsor of this years 2009  Colorado Environmental Film Festival which featured the movie Tapped, about the 1.1 billion dollar bottle water industry. This movie has been recognized and awarded in over 15 different film festivals. It was a fantastic look at the bottle water industry and how it is affecting so many areas of life of communities, health, water safety and waste issues. A must see if you didn’t get to the film festival!
Visit the Tapped website to order the DVD.

If you did see it, let me know what you think….