Natural Home Magazine had a interesting article, Building Better Community,  in their April 2011 edition on how to revitalize neighborhood blocks and increase community.  The article discusses the Better Block project as a movement to help communities rebuild neighborhoods and make them safer, entice local business economy and build community. They describe how citizens and individuals are taking the initiatives to begin in their own communities.

The Living City Block is another great project happening in Denver and Washington DC to help transform city areas into a sustainable communities where individuals can work, live and socialize.

Recently AmericanTowns launched, a new online network that connects green efforts happening in U.S. communities. Through GreenTowns, towns and cities can share and support sustainability efforts in their neighborhoods.

Superbia Ways to Create Sustainable Neighborhoods, a book written back in 2003 is another great resource in how to revitalize communities and neighborhoods.

Building Communities and Revitalizing Neighborhoods