Small Steps. Big Impact.

The “Sacrifices” of Going Green

While we’d like to win a medal for the sacrifices we made as an organization in creating our own much smaller footprint on earth, we’re not holding our breath on that…

Renewable Energy

Over 85% of our current energy is generated from solar panels.

    Sacrifice – Here we have sacrificed our lifetime relationship with our utility company. We are no longer on good terms due to the fact that we send them very little money every month. And, they are more than just a little chagrined that when we have excess power we actually sell it back to them.

Waste Reduction

We recycle, re-use, donate or compost over 95% of waste from our offices. 

    Sacrifice – We aren’t exercising as much because don’t empty the trash can very often. Our waste company has a tendency to forget to pick-up the little garbage we do have so every few months we have to flag them down.

Reduction of Paper

Over 95% of our company records are only stored in an electronic format. We use only 100% recycled-content paper for office use and all marketing materials printed.

    Sacrifice – There was a lot of blood-letting on this one. Several file cabinets and a couple of book cases were given death sentences.  And, our office supply company will no longer deliver. It seems now we don’t buy enough ink, paper, pens, folders, notebooks and such, to qualify for free delivery.


Our company vehicle is a Toyota Prius hybrid with a 10kw EV system.

    Sacrifice – Obviously we don’t visit the gas station as often, which means we are drinking far less soda and eating much less junk food, as that was half the fun of going to the gas station. So, we have sacrificed a couple of pounds. In addition, the new fuel-efficient car needs many fewer maintenance trips to the dealership, so we’ve had to sacrifice spending quality time in dealership waiting rooms.

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