There are a lot of definitions of ‘sustainability’ created by individuals, groups and organizations. Depending on how you use ‘sustainability’, it can have a variety of contextual meanings. To date, the sustainability industry itself has yet to settle on one definition.  There are common themes expressed in the multiple definitions – about our resources and the environment, and maintaining their equity and balance for future generations.

Businesses sometimes use the term “triple bottom line” to define sustainability in terms of increasing profits, improving the planet and improving people’s lives.  Peter Senge of MIT talks in a recent article about how sustainability is not a useful word and sometimes motivates by fear. I believe that defining ‘sustainability’ is still worthy of a good conversation and debate.   It is important for individuals and organizations to discover and explore for themselves the meaning of ‘sustainability’ and its effect on their lifestyle and business operations.  I invite you to share your own definition of sustainability.

What is Sustainability?