Top 3 Recommended Sustainability Resources for Company Examples

The following three recommended resources are international organizations that offer broad information on sustainability to assist organizations, businesses, governments and communities in being greener. Keeping your business updated with sustainable practices starts at being informed of what other companies and organizations are doing to minimize resource use. Each organization has good information on company examples and application to various industries.

WRIThe World Resources Institute is a think tank that gathers information on critical areas of environmental need throughout the world. Using this research to employ experts, volunteers and WRI members, the organization forms integral partnerships that work on sustainable projects throughout the world. The resources available to the general public include the ability to create Strategic Relationships and becoming a member of a Corporate Consultative Group.

The Global Footprint Network provides cities, businesses and institutions with the ability to Global footprint networkasses their ecological global footprint. The first step towards finding out your ecological footprint is to go to the “Footprint Basics” tab, which includes a wealth of information for different groups on how to assess their contribution to environmental degradation. This website relates your footprint to that of other nations and organizations in the world, contrasting the differences created by levels of consumption and affluence.

nbis logoThe Network of Business Innovation and Sustainability is essentially a giant encyclopedia which links companies and organizations to all of the knowledge that they need to stay updated on the future of sustainability. Their network includes partners from governments, non-profits, individuals, professionals and even students. All of these people work together to teach, learn and innovate techniques and ideas about sustainability through events, workshops and discussions.

The Benefits to Engage in Environmentally Friendly Business Practices

Implementing environmentally friendly practices as a business has a wide array of advantages.

One is being able to show potential customers that you care about the environment. This allows you to appeal to an entirely new niche of customers. A growing percent of people only support businesses that reduce or eliminate their impact on the environment a market segment now labeled as ‘New Consumers’ by brand consulting firm, BBMG. Their research cites 70 million shoppers branded “New Consumers”, make up 30 percent of the U.S. population.

Another benefit is green businesses seem to attract the top talent. Towers Perrin’s 2007 Global Workforce Study shows that a firm’s reputation for social responsibility (including environmental work) is one of the top ten drivers of employee engagement worldwide. Employees want to work with companies who are ‘doing the right thing’ and being proactive with corporate environmental and social programs.

The Benefits of Becoming a Sustainable Business, article, provides the top five reasons why most businesses start sustainability initiatives.

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