Consider Renewable Energy for Your Small Business

solar-power-generatorWith the cost of fuel rising higher each year, many companies have started to look towards renewable energy to reduce expenses. However, many of the smaller enterprises are often lagging behind in adapting to greener energy resources because of the associated costs to invest in renewable energy.

Cheaper Than You Think

One of the most common let-offs for many small businesses when trying to switch to renewable energy sources is the purported high cost. Technological innovations in recent years have resulted in reduction of the cost of renewable energy systems. Also, more investment and partnership opportunities for small businesses. Clean Energy Collective, a community-owned solar program, is one of those organizations making renewable energy cost effective for small businesses.

Small businesses can buy wind energy to support renewable energy programs without the cost of building the infrastructure. There is also a host of rebate programs available through Xcel Energy that can defray costs for energy conservation efforts.

Choosing the Right Renewable Energy Systemwindturbines2

Of course, all of these would be useless if you don’t choose the right energy system for your particular needs. Here, knowing the kinds of renewable energy resources available in your given area will definitely help a lot in selecting the actual system. The Colorado Renewable Energy Society provides a clear and short overview of the types of energy resources available for small business enterprises.

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Energy Produced from Footsteps: New Innovation Of Pavegen Floor Tiles

pavegen tileIf you have ever seen those street scenes of New York City in the movies, you can really see how a product such as Pavegen, a simple rubber tile with a spring-like action which generates energy when stepped on, is a brilliant concept when it comes to harnessing human energy power.  Just imagine all the different places that could take advantage of people walking, jumping, dancing or just waiting in line, to harvest the kinetic energy generated by their stepping on Pavegen tiles.  These are the innovations that are possible for the future of sustainability energy solutions.


The creation of these energy producing rubber tiles is affordable to begin with but with more large scale, and attention grabbing installations, the cost will continue to be attractive.  As people become familiar with the product and understand how much potential there is for application in business environments, the mass-production and subsequent drop in cost is inevitable.


The initial applications were in schools where foot traffic throughout the day is fairly constant.  After all, these kids of today are our energy consumers of tomorrow.  They embraced the technology and even had fun with the interactive aspects of the product.  People really responded to the way the tiles light up.  In fact, they went out of their way to take time to generate power through play as seen in this video.


The goal is to create clean and pavegen conceptreliable off-grid energy that can be used to power various applications such as charging stations or lighting solutions. With enough power generated you could feasibly power an entire building. In an airport, for example, the heavy foot traffic could generate enough energy to power all the electric signage in the area.

Clean Energy

Kinetic energy is totally clean and sustainable and with new technology it has meant that the power generated can be used immediately stored in batteries.  In this way the energy can be more directly focused for optimum usage.

Green building options continue to be forefront in planning as we move into the future.  The Pavegen floor tile is an exciting solution that is worth watching as the site installations continue to grow and produce.  It is definitely one of the more exciting products we have seen recently.