Cities Encouraging Electric Vehicle Use

electric vehicleEvery business should consider adding electric vehicles to their existing fleet. Colorado based Project FEVER, funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy, assists Colorado businesses in making the transition to using electric vehicles. explains Project FEVER:

“Project FEVER (Fostering Electric Vehicle Expansion in the Rockies) will create a readiness and implementation plan to increase electric vehicle (EV) and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) adoption across the state of Colorado. Through a collaborative research and analysis process, the project will identify market barriers to EV penetration and develop strategies to overcome these barriers in the transportation and utility sectors”

electric_ride_logoThe project spawned a campaign called Electric Ride Colorado that educates residents and businesses about electric vehicles. Its’ website suggests the Ford Transit electric vehicle for business fleets that require short routes. Taking advantage of this resource is a great way for businesses to make that first step toward moving to an all-electric fleet.

The city of Indianapolis is also taking strides to encourage electric vehicle use. It recently announced it plans to become the first city to use only electric and hybrid electric vehicles for its’ fleet. Mayor Greg Ballard is quoted in the Grand Junction Free Press  as stating, “Taxpayers could save $12,000 over the 10-year lifespan of each new electric and plug-in hybrid”. The same article explains how the city is also urging automakers to make a plug-in hybrid police car.

According to a recent article by the New York Daily News, global electric vehicle sales expected to increase by 3.8 million in 2020. Contact us to learn more about greening up your automobile fleet and learn how we can help with your sustainability plan.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Resources For Small and Medium Businesses In Colorado

Here in Colorado we take the business of sustainability very seriously. In every corner of the state the push is on to improve our businesses to increase energy efficiency and support green business operations. Here are some resources, programs, incentives and guides available online to assist small and medium sized businesses;

The Main Street Efficiency Initiative (MSEI) is a Colorado Energy Office (CEO) program that helps small business lower energy costs as well as their carbon footprint.

Recharge Colorado has a resource page that is specifically for small businesses seeking information for energy efficiency, water efficiency and renewable energy projects in Colorado.

The Energy Efficiency Guide for Colorado Businesses will help you find ways for your company to save energy.  Their recommendations are sorted by sector that provides specific suggestions depending on the type of business.

Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE) has a website full of valuable information and tools for small businesses.

CORE, the sustainable business association for Colorado also has a separate page for resources that include articles, business success stories and downloadable reports.

And of course, we at eco-officiency provide a wealth of resources for businesses to become greener in their operations.

Contact us if we can help you find the answers you are looking for when it comes to finding resources and information to help green your business.

Increasing Your Company’s Value through Green Building Maintenance

Businesses can increase the value of their business and reduce costs by implementing green building maintenance techniques. The Journal of Sustainable Real Estate (JOSRE) posted a paper entitled “Facility Sustainment and Firm Value: A Case Study Based on Target Corporation” (Beach, 2011), which presents data that supports the idea that increasing the money spent on maintenance and upkeep of a facility, known as “sustainment funding,” actually increases the firm’s value.  Mathematical proofs show that under certain financial circumstances, Target Corporation’s value may be over 10% higher in 30 years if the company allows 100% sustainment funding.  Target’s historic funding is 51.7%, meaning that only 51.7% of necessary maintenance and upkeep is not deferred.  With this data, Target knows that despite having to spend money on building maintenance now, it will help the company gain value in the future.

Companies cannot sustain themselves by ignoring necessary building maintenance and upkeep.  If your goal is to own and operate a sustainable, successful business, implementing green building tactics is extremely important.  The following are some of the benefits you can earn by using sustainable, responsible green building maintenance techniques:

–  Happier Employees

–  Equipment and Property Has a Longer Useful Life

–  Lower Risk for Catastrophic Financial Events in the Future

–  Higher Perceived Value by Clients and Potential Investors/Buyers

For more information on how you can green your facility or building see the U.S. Green Building Council guide on Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance or contact us.