Green Tech Companies in Boulder Area

Boulder, Colorado leads the way in high tech startup companies according to a recently released study from the New Engine/Kaufmann Foundation. Three of these tech companies based in the Boulder area provide energy saving services that most organizations could benefit from immediately.

tendril  Tendril offers smart energy technologies for both energy providers and consumers. Businesses may monitor and control energy usage in a variety of ways using Tendril’s efficient Cloud based technology. It is much easier to conserve and reduce energy when a company has more control and knowledge.

green garageGreen Garage services vehicles so that businesses and consumers save money and decrease their environmental impact. They go beyond traditional auto maintenance by offering technologies including nitrogen tire fills and silicon based windshield wipers. With a fleet maintenance program and employee discount offers, Green Garage offers businesses with vehicle fleets a real eco-friendly and money saving alternative.

Boulder Hybrid Conversions  converts Prius automobiles into plug-in electric hybrids, boulder hybrid conversionswhich curtails gas consumption. Colorado taxpayers get a generous tax rebate that increases the financial attractiveness of this innovative conservation technique. Eco-officiency converted their Prius hybrid to add a 10kw battery pack and was thrilled with the service of Boulder Hybrid as well as the reduced visits to the gas station.

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Considering Purchasing an Electric Vehicle?

With gas prices higher and the increased environmental awareness, electric vehicles (EV’s) are becoming a hot ticket item! It seems if you don’t have an EV in your car line-up then you aren’t hitting a car market trend in car buying. With more cars on the market and new technologies to consider it is hard to know which car to choose.

Here are a few resources to use if you are considering purchasing a new electric vehicle;

PlugShare: An iphone App to find electric vehicle charging stations

Plugshare is a new iphone app that helps you find Electric Vehicle or “EV” charging stations around the country.This free application was designed by electric vehicle software start up Xatori.It provides not only listing of public charging stations but also private network of EV enthusiasts who are willing to share their outlets (usually for a small fee of .15 cents per hour). Since one of the biggest barriers to new electric vehicles is getting the availability of EV stations while in route. This new application is a great addition to the growing industry of EV technology.

To learn more about electric vehicles go the U.S. Department of Energy’s site on EV’s.