The Importance Of Sustainability Planning

Most businesses have a business or strategy plan in order to guide their business operations successfully. If a business wants to become more sustainable in their operations it is important to create a sustainability plan or incorporate sustainability initiatives into your own business plan. Here’s why;

The first reason to have this type of planning in place is it will help prove to your customers about the care you have for the environment. A poll by NBC Universal initiative Green is Universal indicates that environmental consumerism is on the rise. The survey found that 68 percent of consumers believe it’s worth paying more for a green product or service if it comes from a company or brand they trust, versus 60 percent two years ago. And in a related poll, Green is Universal found that 62 percent of respondents are making a conscious effort to buy products made by environmentally responsible companies.

Second this will help you in getting to have some type of tax credits. At times you can find the governing bodies will provide you with tax breaks if you have this type of plan in place. See our related blog post on Sustainability Initiatives and Tax Incentives for more information.

Finally this type of work will generally provide you a plan on what you can do to improve business operations by increasing efficiency and reducing waste.

There are other benefits for becoming a sustainable business including reducing cost, improve energy efficiency, reducing carbon risk, and increasing employee retention.

Having professional sustainability consultants are important when creating a plan to help guide and advise on the best strategy for your business. Contact us about how you can get a great sustainability plan in place for your business.