Top 10 Clues That You’re an Environmentalist

Here are the  Top 10 Clues That You’re an Environmentalist that was developed by the Natural Marketing Institute at the LOHAS 2009 conference:

1.    Your workplace doesn’t have recycling so you bring everything home
2.    Your Tupperware® collection consists of reclaimed takeout containers, yogurt containers, and salvaged jars
3.    You have maximized the number of places to dry Ziploc® bags in your kitchen
4.    You glare at people at the store who don’t have a canvas bag
5.    You double-glare at the ones who ask for things to be double-bagged
6.    You don’t blink when paying $5/pound for local, heirloom tomatoes
7.    Your conscience prevents you from jet skiing, despite it looking SO fun
8.    You worry about cow flatulence
9.    You have visions of drowning polar bears each time you adjust the thermostat
10.    Your friends have finally stopped asking you for advice on how to be green, knowing you will offer it soon enough…