Recommended Sustainability Apps to Track and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

carbontracker_appThere are apps that are designed to measure business and individual carbon footprint from daily activities. These apps not only identify the environmental costs of your business activity, they also suggest ways to reduce your energy usage and other activities that you can do at home or work to reduce your carbon footprint.  Here are some recommended carbon tracking apps for business and individuals:

  • Carbon Track by SAP gives users an estimate of the CO2 emissions associated with key business activities such as travel, electricity  usage, and waste disposal and helps them understand their environmental impact.  For example, users can calculate the environmental impact of their next business trip and compare the CO2 emissions of different forms of travel.
  • Carbon Tracker by Softzilla is an iphone app that helps businesses measure carbon with certain business activities such as with different modes of transportation, switching off different types of office equipment and carbon effects of business waste.
  • Green Outlet is similar to Carbon Track but is designed for residential use.  Green Outlet helps homeowners discover which of their household appliances use the most electricity, predict their monthly electricity bill, and make informed decisions about their electricity use.  The app will also alert users when they have exceeded US guidelines for recommended carbon usage and connects users to options for purchasing carbon offsets.
  • Green You can help individuals take steps toward greener living.  Users begin by entering basic information about topics such as transportation, food, and housing to calculate their carbon footprint.  The app then helps users identify specific actions they can take for greener living.  The app tracks progress over time.

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Carbon Nation: A movie on Renewable Energy

A movie that came out late 2010, Carbon Nation, discusses the role American can have in the renewable energy sector to reduce the carbon footprint. Whether you are believer in man induced global warming or not, it makes a compelling case for why renewable energy is a good move for the United States to invest in.

This non-partisan documentary provides compelling evidence that dealing with climate change can boost the economy, increase national & energy security and promote health and a clean environment.

The movie can be purchased via DVD or downloaded through all the various online movie retailers.

Other short videos and movies on renewabale energy that are also recommended;

Global Warming: Is it really up for debate?

There has been a lot of political rhetoric on whether global warming and climate change is fact or fiction. There have been some interesting recent articles from reputable sources on the issue. Take a look…

  1. The Economist, A Record Making Effort
  2. Treehugger, Which Side of the Global Warming Debate has been Right
  3. New York Times, Global Warming

The Carbon List: Understanding How Companies are Reducing Their Carbon Footprint

The Carbon list is a website to help people understand the initiatives that companies are doing to reduce their carbon footprint. The Carbon List is a way companies can communicate with their customers about their footprint in an easy and understandable format. It is intended to provide better transparency on companies carbon impact along with educating the public so they can make more informed choices about the lifestyle they lead.

All companies can sign up free. Once signed up the Carbon List will assist in communications about what their members are doing in the ways of reducing CO2 emissions.

Global Warming Increases- The Time to Act is Now!

The Guardian just came out with the article, “World is Warming Quicker than Thought” which cites a newly released Met Office report that says 2010 was the hottest year on record globally. Another report entitled World Meteorological Organization’s 2009 Greenhouse Gas Bulletin also cited that greenhouse gases have reached their highest levels with an increase of 27.5% since 1990.

The reality is that global warming isn’t going away. We as a society can’t hide from it any longer. The U.S., along with China, is the largest global gas emitter in the world.

The question is what are you doing about it? Are you part of the solution or still contributing to the problem?

Each of us has the power to make a difference in the warming of the planet. The time to act is now! Commit to one step–one action, that will help reduce global warming.

Here are some good ideas to get you started,

15 Things You Can Do to Stop Global Warming

The Top 50 Things to Do to Stop Global Warming

Reduce Travel and Encourage Virtual Meetings

Airline travel is one of the biggest contributors to global warming. One way to reduce your company’s carbon footprint is to consider implementing more virtual meetings.

Meetings and in-person interaction are an important part of work and conducting business.  However, there are non-crucial meetings that could be done virtually, especially with today’s technology.

WebEx and GoToMeeting are two examples of software that allow for productive virtual meetings. Encourage your employees to use the computer cameras so that they can be ‘seen’. Studies show this does improve a meeting communications to see facial interactions.

Save Money and CO2: Employ Flexible Schedules – Work from Home Programs

More and more companies are implementing flexible schedules, allowing employees to work 4/10s (four ten hour days), 9/80s (9 hours days with one day off every two weeks), or to work from home. These flex schedules don’t just boost employee morale, they are also good for the environment. By driving two days less day per week, the average person can save about 143 gallons of gasoline and keep about 2,778 pounds of CO2 out of the atmosphere in a year. If only 1 percent of all licensed drivers followed suit, 273 million gallons of gasoline and 5.3 billion pounds of CO2 could be saved this year.

If you aren’t sure how to implement a telework program or are concerned about productivity, consider using e-work. e-work provides online training and consulting geared to telework and virtual work programs.

Sign the Copenhagan Communique on Climate Change

Today, business leaders have a chance to get their voice heard on climate change. The University of Cambridge is compiling a list of world business leaders that will sign a statement that will lead to aggressive changes on climate change globally.  Business leaders from the Corporate Leaders’ Group will be handing a copy of The Copenhagen Communiqué to the Prime Minister Gordon Brown on December 10, 2009 which will be passed onto the leaders at the United Nations Copenhagen Climate Change Conference.

For more information on climate change visit these websites:

Carbon Disclosure Project

Climate Wire

Climate Ark

Extreme Ice Survey