Green Tech Companies in Boulder Area

Boulder, Colorado leads the way in high tech startup companies according to a recently released study from the New Engine/Kaufmann Foundation. Three of these tech companies based in the Boulder area provide energy saving services that most organizations could benefit from immediately.

tendril  Tendril offers smart energy technologies for both energy providers and consumers. Businesses may monitor and control energy usage in a variety of ways using Tendril’s efficient Cloud based technology. It is much easier to conserve and reduce energy when a company has more control and knowledge.

green garageGreen Garage services vehicles so that businesses and consumers save money and decrease their environmental impact. They go beyond traditional auto maintenance by offering technologies including nitrogen tire fills and silicon based windshield wipers. With a fleet maintenance program and employee discount offers, Green Garage offers businesses with vehicle fleets a real eco-friendly and money saving alternative.

Boulder Hybrid Conversions  converts Prius automobiles into plug-in electric hybrids, boulder hybrid conversionswhich curtails gas consumption. Colorado taxpayers get a generous tax rebate that increases the financial attractiveness of this innovative conservation technique. Eco-officiency converted their Prius hybrid to add a 10kw battery pack and was thrilled with the service of Boulder Hybrid as well as the reduced visits to the gas station.

For more information on how we help you navigate and implement energy conservation options contact us.

Company Cars and Fuel Efficient Driving

Many companies have a company car, truck or even fleet.  One way to protect the environment and lower costs is to develop and implement car or fleet policies.

UPS is a prime example of this with the ‘left turn’ campaign. UPS designed its routes to reduce miles and make ‘no left turns’ (this waiting loses time and wastes gas). UPS saved $3 million annually implementing this policy. UPS also installed logistics technologies that have cut 1.1 billion miles off of delivery routes, which prevented 1.9 million metric tons of CO2 emissions per year. Learn more in this NY Times article.

Xerox reassigned deliveries to avoid sending big trucks when small ones would do. This ‘rightsizing’ initiative along with other adjustments to routes cut 21 million miles from Xerox distribution system.

Did you know that quick acceleration and excessive braking can reduce fuel economy by up to 33 percent on the highway and 5 percent other side roads? Increasing highway speed from 55mph to 75mph can raise fuel consumption as much as 20%. Educate drivers on these driving tips and establish incentives to help them drive more cost effectively.
Learn more eco driving tips from EcoDriving USA. A great quick read for employees is the article by Planet Green called, 10 Eco Driving Tips.