Recommended Product, CompoKeeper, and Indoor Composter

CompoKeeper is an indoor compost container that meets the objections many have about storing food waste inside homes or office buildings. The design includes a clamshell mechanism that creates an airtight seal in the compostable liner with it’s easy to use hand lever or foot pedal so odors can’t get out and pests can’t get in. When the bag is full the easy-grab tray assists one in removing a full, flimsy bag and carrying it out to the appropriate outdoor storage area. The CompoKeeper is made in Boulder, Colorado in three sizes and only available through online. There is also a coupon for $150 offered by the Boulder County Conservation Center is offering to businesses who sign up for a recycling or composting service.

Green Apps Recommendations

There are some great green apps now available that can help consumers make conscious choices on products and services and improve their green footprint. All these apps are free:

Find Green: This app provides a directory of green retail establishments in your area. It uses the GPS system on Android phones and can direct you to the nearest green establishment from where you are located.

Good Guide: An app that the developers have been working on for years and is very well regarded. You can scan the barcode of a product with your smartphone and it will provide you a sustainability ranking of that company and product.

Fooducate: An app that provides more information on ingredients and labels of food products. It has a rating scale and does offer alternative products that might be better or healthier for you.

Animal Free: Is able to help consumers know which ingredients contain animal products. This is useful for those individuals who want to be completely animal free.

Ecorio: This app also uses the GPS system on your smartphone to track your carbon footprint as you travel. Then, it also provides a quick way to purchase carbon offsets through Google.

PedNav: This is an app that helps plan the best route and transportation option with the activities of your day. It encourages walking and biking instead of a vehicle and helps route the best way to travel.

For a more extensive listing of Green Apps, see Treehuggers list of over 100 green apps.

Body Care and Cleaning Ingredients to Avoid

Method, a green cleaning product manufacturer, came out with the “Dirty Ingredient” list which catalogs a list of toxic ingredients common in personal care and cleaning products. There are currently more than 85,000 synthetic chemicals registered for use in North America. Only 10% of them have been fully tested for their effects on human health and the environment.  It is difficult to know about all of the harmful chemicals, toxins, and products in your office and home when you don’t necessarily see, feel, or even smell them.

Here are some other resources for choosing non-toxic and safe body care and cleaning products;

Flat Out by Tupperware: Alternative packaging for to-go items

We are bombarded by to-go packaging. Some of the packaging is nice and hard to throw out but difficult to re-use. Tupperware has come up with a great, portable solution called Flat Out!

I am usually not a fan of plastic type items however, this collapse-able bowl product is a great replacement for to-go packaging. They actually flatten and can be easily stored in a briefcase or bag. They come in 3 and 4 cup sizes. A perfect solution for restaurant to-go items or leftovers.