Five Recommended Articles on Sustainability from 2013

Recommended articles on sustainability include a broad range of topics, from global warming to leadership to ideas on creating a sustainable business.articles

The World’s Best Sustainability Ideas by Susan Adams

This article was published in Forbes Magazine and rewards businesses and organizations who are implementing the best ideas in sustainability. Among the businesses on the list include those who have learned to help others irrigate rain water, create building materials from local soils, and a medical company which created biodegradable injection needles.

The companies are inspirational, and many of them started with a simple idea. Many businesses who have a small idea can glean inspiration from those who blazed a path before them.

Adding a sustainability standpoint, the article argues, will give clients and contractors an idea of who the business is as an entity. The article does go on, however, to remind businesses that sustainability must be proven, and not just stated.

Sustainability Trends 2013 by Environmental Leader

The Logistics, Carbon and Business Data Book: Fall 2013 Sustainability Trends provides sustainability executives, decision-makers, and research teams a collection of charts presenting logistics, sustainability and sustainable business-driven data.

Sustainability and the C-Suite: Who’s Engaged, Who’s Not, and How to Gain More C-Level Support by University of Oregon

In partnership with the Sustainable Industries Magazine and University of Oregon Sustainability Leadership Program, this 2013 CXO Study reviews C-level management engagement in sustainability and survey findings with sustainable leadership.

Teaching Climate Change to Skeptics by Carmen Nobel

This article, originally published in Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge, is an acceptable read to encourage all office personnel to improve their sustainability efforts. The article states the fact that many American businessmen either believe climate change is man-made but there is nothing we can do or businessmen believe climate change is man-made and we should take action now, with a small percentage citing not enough evidence over time to make an educated decision about climate change overall.

Carmen Nobel moves forward to present facts for those who feel there is a shortage of long-term evidence. There is strong evidence, gathered over five decades, which prove a correlation between CO2 levels and human activity. The writer also cites data collected from ice cores in Antartica over thousands of years. The data proves that most CO2 damage began soon after the Industrial Age.

The article continues to argue that businesses which address climate change can build stronger brands, erase negative press and possibly save money.

Global Warming Finally Reaches the Last Arctic Region by Kathleen Ruhland

This article, published on The Conversation and reprinted by Scientific American, will further push businessmen to understand why they need to be sustainable now. The article states that the Hudson Bay area of Canada referred to as the Lowlands is the last arctic region on Earth to experience global warming.

Many skeptics were pointing to this area as proof that global warming was false, but their frigid arguments are quickly melting. The Lowlands were able to maintain steady, cold temperatures until the middle of the 1990’s. The ice of the Hudson Bay provided a natural freezer to keep the Lowlands cold and the biological communities stable.

Over the last few decades, however, the area is warming up at alarming rates. The ecosystems, from the polar bears to the humans living in the area, are falling apart faster than ever before. If businessmen want to improve their image, they will gear their business toward the fact that the world is working on its very last arctic ice region.

Here are more resources on sustainable business from eco-officiency.

10 Things I’ve Learned on the Road to Sustainability

Mitch Jackson, Vice President of Environmental affairs and sustainability at FedEx, wrote a good and distinct article on how businesses can start sustainability within their organizations.  This was published by July 6, 2010. Click here to see the full article.

To learn more about FedEx corporate sustainability program, click here.

Becoming the Paperless Office – 4 part series by Inform IT

Inform IT has launched a 4 part series articles by myself, K.J. McCorry, to be released in the coming month on becoming the paperless office. This is preparation for my upcoming book, Becoming the Paperless Office.

Click here to view the  first article on The Cost of Managing Paper.

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I will also be teaching an online webinar about paperless office through Ragan Management Resources on Wednesday, October 28th. click here to purchase the CD of the recording.

State of Green Business 2009 has released its second report for 2009 on the State of Green Business. A great overview of various business sustainability sectors. It reviews various measures, best practices and successes of companies and the area in general. Could provide for some companies good baseline targets, metrics and goals to reach in the coming year.

Environmental Leader: eNewsletter

greenlightbulbserendipitythumb3Environmental Leader is a great web newsletter that focuses on the latest news for business and sustainability. The daily briefing provides information on what companies are doing to become more green in their operations. It also provides information to newly released white papers and research on various topics related to sustainable business. It is an excellent source of information to learn about new ideas and resources related to corporate social and environmental responsibility!