2 Degrees Sustainability Network – Best Practices and Connection to Other Sustainability Professionals

2 degrees sustainability networkIf you’re a sustainability professional, an excellent resource is available for you from 2 Degrees Sustainability Network, and it goes far beyond simple social media. It’s a true network of professionals and experts with programs, platforms and engagement methods that bring measurable results.

This network is free to join and offers avenues of engagement with peers online, as well as in-person, within the industry in a variety of valuable ways, including:

  • Forums and Discussions: interact, share knowledge and collaborate with sustainability professionals from all around the globe
  • Specialist Suppliers Marketplace: featuring sources for carbon management software, behavior change resources, renewable energy consultancy, etc.
  • 2 Degrees Live Events: offering face-to-face discussions, where participants share and tackle sustainability challenges
  • Resource Library: offers beneficial toolkits, webinars, case studies, legal documentation and more
  • Client Programs: thought leadership and managed services to facilitate cost and risk reduction, enable growth and increase sustainability

2 Degrees offers practical problem-solving especially suitable for sustainability-committed companies desiring to exceed compliance, address resource inefficiencies and scarcities, meet customer expectations and leverage scale. Free membership provides access to over 31,000 international like-minded professionals.

The Sustainability Executive and Officer Role

The role of sustainability executives, also known as corporate sustainability officers, has evolved over the last 6-10 years. Initially, many of these roles evolved out of need and whoever had interest in a company usually was dubbed the ‘sustainability expert’ within the company. Now that the sustainability profession has progressed, more experience has been created and there are higher degrees available in sustainability management the role has become more specialized and coveted than before.

A recurring questions is what do these professionals do? Although that can vary from company to company, here are some good resources to refer to about this role and all that it entails;