Phthalates: A Toxic Compound Hurting Our Children

Phthalates are industrial chemical compounds used in a huge array of consumer products, including; beauty products, hairsprays, wood finishers, vinyl flooring, and medical devices. They are also found in a high majority of soft plastic type consumer products that make plastics more flexible. The global chemicals industry produces nearly six million tons of phthalates every year.

In an e-magazine article, Childhood Obesity and Phthalates, they note a study that related obesity in kids with phthalate exposure. It also noted exposure can cause reproductive problems and social and behavioral problems often seen in autism. Another report, The Problem with Phthalates, cites that phthalates ‘can damage the sexual development of children’.

Be mindful when shopping and try to purchase phthalates free products. Below are some resources to help guide consumers;